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Guyana: Overseas Guyanese celebrate 40th Christmas party in Georgetown

Brian and Pauline Clarke, left, standing, and Rev. Mavis Nurse, left front, sitting, along with volunteers after a rewarding afternoon of giving, at their 40th Annual Christmas party in Lodge Village, Georgetown, Guyana.


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Trinidad decriminalizes marijuana possession – scrubs previous convictions

— By Bert Wilkinson – Caribbean Life News NY

Trinidad’s government is moving to the courts system to scrub convictions for small amounts of marijuana from the records of dozens of men after authorities rewrote the rules regarding marijuana possession for personal and religious uses in recent weeks.

On Friday December 20, 2029, titular President Paula Mae Weekes signed off on legislation decriminalizing marijuana possession for adults found with up to 30 grams of weed for personal and religious uses. Households are also now allowed to have four plants in yards for family use without facing criminal prosecution. Fellow Caribbean Community member Antigua also has similar legislation.      Continue reading

Guyana: Competitions commission proposes state airline to increase competition

— Study recommends state-sponsored airline to reduce fares

A study has called on Government to consider sponsoring its own airline to protect travellers from high prices. The CCAC disclosed that the study was designed to gain insight into the operations of the Georgetown/North America route.

The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) conducted a recent study on the airline industry and it has recommended Guyana has its own state-sponsored airline.

Ticket prices for economy have touched almost US$1,700 in the past, with travellers calling for other carriers. Flights, especially those to New York and Toronto, have been in high demand, with thousands of Guyanese living there.

In recent months, American Airlines started competing against Trinidad-controlled Caribbean Airlines on the New York route.      Continue reading

Guyana: Reflections on gas and oil discovery: How does the Diaspora fit in? – By Lear Matthews

 — By Lear Matthews

Dear Guyana, you’re now an open door
You are attracting droves of folks to your shores
You’re ranked number one for the eco tours
A lot has changed since oil is dripping from your pores”

(Ronald Daniels, Guyanese-Online 12/24/19).

The question that belies the observation in this opening poetic verse is to what extent does the attracted “droves of folks” include the Guyanese Diaspora? Following the pomp and ceremony of Guyana’s 50th independence anniversary in 2015 attended by thousands in the Diaspora, there has been much reflection on that unprecedented milestone in Guyanese history by those residing within and outside that nation-state. So too is contemplative attention now warranted about the ramifications of recent gas and oil discovery.        Continue reading

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