Guyana: Pres. Granger commissions new power station in Bartica

—  solar farm plans moving ahead

The new Bartica Power Station.

President David Granger Saturday morning December 28, 2019 commissioned a US$3.4 million power station at Dogg Point, Agatash in Bartica, Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region 7), where he noted that it will bring unprecedented relief to residents who have experienced severe power outages over the years.

The President in his address at a simple ceremony, said it is inconceivable that Guyana can be on a path of development and ignore the evolution of its hinterland communities.         

He noted that hinterland development must be accelerated to ensure greater equality and his government has started to reduce and remove hinterland underdevelopment. In this regard, he noted that investing in energy security is essential to hinterland development as an enlargement of the economy, expansion of employment opportunities and improvement in the quality of life, particularly in regions where investment and income levels are below the national average.

“Energy security for all is the ultimate objective of your Government’s energy policy. Energy security is vital to ensuring the good life for all. It is essential for human progress and well-being. The country is progressing towards the goal of energy security, even as its moves closer to greater renewable energy generation and use. Energy security is critical to Bartica’s role as the ignition of regional development. Bartica can fulfil these ambitions only if it is assured of adequate, reliable and stable energy to satisfy its present and future demands,” he was quoted as saying in a Ministry of the Presidency statement.

The Head of State noted that while the government is committed irrevocably, to moving closer to the goal of 100 per cent renewable energy use by 2030, it also recognizes the importance of ensuring adequate, accessible and affordable energy supplies during this period of transition.

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  • Linda  On 12/30/2019 at 9:35 am

    Great news….long overdue!!!!

  • kman  On 01/03/2020 at 7:53 pm

    Since when Agatash was part of Bartica?

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