DEAR GUYANA: A poem by Ronald J. Daniels


Dear Guyana, you’re now an open door
You are attracting droves of folks to your shores
You’re ranked number one for the eco tours
A lot has changed since oil is dripping from your pores

You’re no longer pre-historic like the dinosaurs
Unless its your fossils that are being accounted for
You’re no longer Ghana, but Guyana for sure
No longer a dot on the map; no longer obscured

Dear Guyana, you’re featured in everyone’s brochures
And Jim Jones’ name does not pop up anymore
There are now special maps with just your contours
For every economic ill you’re becoming the cure

Your passport will now carry a different weight
Your neighbours will remove the airport benches on which your children wait
Your sons and daughters will no longer inspire hate
Now that you are sitting at the table with food on your plate

Dear Guyana, everyone will ask you out for a date
Even those who did not refresh you when you dehydrate
Remember this is a game of chess, make no mistakes
And there is hardly anyone who isn’t check-ing for a mate

Dear Guyana, if only Jags and Grange could start thinking straight
And realise what’s at stake here is your children’s fate
If they don’t stop offering up themselves as baits
Your children will bawl as your wealth is shipped out in crates

We have only one chance to get it right
Now more than ever we should hasten to unite
Just so you know, the complexion of our streets has gotten light
And the boardrooms have gotten Asian and white

While we argue over which party’s got the bigger appetite
And our gatekeepers continue to sleep through the night
Everyone will come in and take a bigger bite
Leaving your children in their accustomed plight

Dear Guyana, in a few years when the census is done
In the minority might be your daughters and sons
Would we wait until then to come around
Would we wait until we have been completely overrun

Ronald J. Daniels
December 22, 2019

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