Barbados Residents Must “Clean up or pay up!” – says P.M. Mia Mottley

Residents who refuse to keep their premises clean will be fined starting April next year.

Word of this has come from Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who said her administration would be enforcing the law.

Mottley said Attorney General Dale Marshall has already done the initial work in relation to necessary changes to the legislation, which she said Cabinet would review and approve “shortly”.

“In addition to that, you can’t just legislate without letting people know there is a new marshal in town. You’ve got to properly publicly educate people about what you expect of them,” said Mottley.         

As such, she said there would be 3.5 months of sensitization and letters of warning as the legislation was being put in place, before Government introduce “a series of civil penalties so that people will be ticketed” for not cleaning their properties.

Mottley could not immediately say what the penalty would be, but indicated that it would cost “just a little bit more than it would cost for you to pay a man to come and clean by you”.

“We want Barbadians to understand that the Government have given you a ‘bly’ for the next three and a half months. You have now enough time to take up responsibility,” Mottley warned.

She said the penalty was necessary because this country will end up in economic problems again if there is a public health crisis in the middle of a tourism season or if we have a “public health crisis” among the population that affects productivity.

She also noted that environmental health and environmental protection agencies would be “going after” those with derelict vehicles. Initially, derelict buildings on Highway One and Highway Seven and the “town centres” will be targeted.

“When we finish there, we start coming into the other subsidiary highways and the other subsidiary roads,” said Mottley, as she spoke to journalists on Monday after a tour of the Pot House district in St John where the road is badly eroded.

She said email addresses would be set up so residents could provide information to the environmental and health agencies about overgrown lots.

Mottley also pointed out that the 13 depots of the Ministry of Transport and Works had until January 10 next year to provide an inventory of all the culverts and drains in Barbados.

Stating that the country would be embarking on a beautification programme, Mottley said as part of the national drive, the Barbados Water Authority would be putting all their pipes underground. (MM)
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  • kamtanblog  On December 23, 2019 at 3:20 am

    Abuse of political power !
    Is Barbados to become a “nanny state”

    Simple Simon say
    Reward the few that keeps their hood
    tidy by reducing/waive ring their
    local taxes….then monitor the results .
    Fines should only be applied if other efforts
    to reduce/avoid untidy neighbourhoods.

    Subtle approach to implementing change.

    The big stick bullying by the political
    jackasses who crave the power says
    it all.
    Go figure


  • Jasmine  On December 23, 2019 at 9:13 am

    This initiative is long overdue for Barbados. The people are just slack. You should not need to be educated to keep your environment clean.

  • the only  On December 23, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    do the same in guyana.

  • Janice  On December 24, 2019 at 8:45 am

    Kamtan that’s easy for you to say. Bajans only understand one thing…brute force and ignorance. She has given a deadline for the clean up to happen, which is fair, after which time the fines will take place. A lot of those who are responsible for the dirty environments do not pay taxes so there’s no incentive to give. They don’t own their own homes either. They’re just poor people who who don’t give a crap.

    • kamtanblog  On December 24, 2019 at 8:52 am

      “Poor people that don’t give a crap”

      Really !

      So “rich people do give a crap” !

      So if they are “poor” how will they pay fine

      Sorry shallow thinking !

      Bribe the poor people if they clean up !


  • Janice  On December 25, 2019 at 6:31 am

    Yes Kamptan…the bribery suggestion will definitely work. When they had an invasion of African snails that was destroying crops and shrubbery, Bajans were asked to do their best to alleviate the problem in their own environments in order to protect crops and other plants. They did nothing about it until the govt offered to pay people 50 cents a pound if they collected them and took them to the agriculural place responsible. And yes, rich people do give a crap because they invest a lot in building their beautiful homes in upscale developments and, therefore, ensures that their property reflects their lifestyle. The poorer people can pass a broom and pick up the garbage THEY throw about in their VERY small land space. If they’re making the mess then they should clean it up. There’s no reason why you cannot have pride in where you live, regardless of your financial status….so who is being shallow??? Take pride or pay up…it’s that simple. They might cry poor but it’s amazing how they find money to fete.

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