Guyana Education: 377 more Teachers added to the Teaching System

– As Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) hosts 85th Graduation

Guyana’s education sector has been boosted with the inclusion of 377 qualified teachers following the 85th batch of students graduating from the Cyril Potter College of Education.

The Cyril Potter College of Education’s graduating class of 2019

The 85th Graduation ceremony themed, “Re-branding Teacher Education through verbal and visual identities” was attended by President David Granger; Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry; and a number of senior Education Officers, officials and Public Servants at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) on Friday December 13. 2019.   

President Granger, in his feature address, stated that teachers play a vital role in Guyana’s Education system; hence, the training they receive must be directly linked to the needs of the nation.

Speaking in relation to the “Decade of Development”, President Granger said that measures have been put in place to ensure the success of this project. Further, he added that this venture will take an education centered approach.

+2President David Granger presents the President’s award to Ateisha Brandt, best graduating student of the Cyril Potter College of Education. (Ministry of the Presidency photo

According to the President, the Government is fully committed to ensuring that teachers are in a commanding position to promote social cohesion.

The President asserted that science education should be regarded as an important aspect within every school.
President Granger cited some of the improvements over the past few years and outlined future plans including incentivising teaching in the hinterland Region to improve the quality of the schooling the children are exposed to in the far-flung areas.

Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry, in her address said that the work of the education sector is clearly defined.
“We have to continually develop new strategies to deliver 21st Century education, investing in people, communities and education to ensure that all the people of this country can have access to the best opportunities to prosper, prepare and participate in a resilient Guyana.”

In this year’s batch, the Best Graduating Student award went to Ateisha Brandt.

Of the 377 students who graduated, 82 will be deployed to the nursery level, while 125 and 170 will go to the primary and secondary levels respectively.

Cyril Potter College of Education recorded a drop in the number of students undertaking studies at the college when compared to last year’s intake.

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