Guyana: Adel’s Rainforest Resort: Discover a hidden paradise within the Pomeroon

Guyana is a tropical haven, filled with hidden gems in the nooks and crannies of the lush forested land. So when the busy city life gets too much; the noise, the crowds, the same old places, the familiar things, I would advise you to take a trip.

Two boys passing the resort in their speedboat

Proprietress of Adel’s, Ms. Zena Stoll

The foyer area at Adel’s

Head to the Charity wharf and board the speedboat. Sit and let the warm rays of the sun envelope you while splashes of the cool Pomeroon River hit your face.

Bask in the picturesque scenes as you glide across the water; how the greenery blends perfectly with the black tint of the river and the inviting smiles of the villagers who always raise their hands in a friendly wave. After 45 minutes, you’ll arrive.       

• A view of Adel’s Resort at Akawini Creek

Welcome to Adel’s Rainforest Resort
Peace and tranquility are just two words that come to mind when describing Adel’s.

Located at Akawini Creek, in the Pomeroon River, Adel’s rests perfectly on a 58.2-acre stretch of land surrounded by nothing but untouched forest in the heart of the Amerindian Reservation district.

Adel’s is 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and just a mere eight-hour boat ride from Venezuela. The landscape ranges for miles changing from lush rainforest and open savannah to fertile agricultural lands.

The ambiance at the resort is unmatched; in the mornings, wake up to the sweet sounds of birds chirping at your window, while the parrots chatter and baboons howl in the high trees.When night falls, listen to the croak of the frogs and occasionally the hum of a boat engine as villagers pass by.

The cuisine is nothing short of a traditional Guyanese menu. Wake up to a spread of steaming pepper pot and tuma pot, warm cassava bread and ‘float bake’ and a wide array of fruits grown right at the resort or indulge in a healthy cup of sorrel tea.

For dinner, enjoy a scrumptious plate of fried fish and ‘metemgee’ washed down with a cool glass of coconut water. Organically grown vegetables, free-range chickens and eggs boost the resorts health and eco conscious lifestyle.

This nature-lovers paradise is abundant with exotic wildlife and a variety of tropical flowering plants, vines and trees. This is Adel’s.

Why Adel’s Resort
The resort was named after the late Adel Stoll and pays homage to a true Guyanese who raised 12 children by selling locally grown produce and homemade sweets to take care of her family.

The resort is now run by her granddaughter, Zena Stoll, who makes it her duty to keep the family heritage alive.
After several years, the land was left untouched, the resort run down and unkempt, much to Zena’s dismay. The woman decided to return from the US and breathe life into the land, reclaiming her family history and giving Guyanese a slice of paradise in their own back yard.

What to expect
Adel’s is laden with a wide range of fruit trees – papaw, star apple, mango, guava, lemons, lime and coconut. According to Zena, these all play a key role in making Adel’s the paradise that it is known to be.

The resort has three buildings, each one self-contained, with the middle building being the meet-and-greet lounge, relaxation, reading, and dining area.

Guests who arrive at the resort are given a glass of cold coconut water a hot or cold rag, depending on how the weather goes.

Recreational activities are in abundance. You could take a few hours to relax in the foyer and read a book or two. On a hot day, dive into the creek or dip your toes into the refreshingly cold waters.

For the more adventurous, enjoy canoeing on the Pomeroon River or take a few hours to go fishing and let your mind melt away.

Depending on the time of day, you can have the opportunity of seeing the Scarlet Ibis and White Egrets nesting. Adel’s also facilitates tours to the Amerindian reservations of Wakapao, Moruca, and Akawini.

So whenever the city gets a bit too much, a bit too crowded, come spend some time at Adel’s Rainforest Resort. Let it nourish your body and mind. Enjoy the clean air, peace and tranquility.

Adel’s Rainforest Resort awaits you.

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