UK Elections: At a glance: what’s in the Labour Party manifesto? – Video

As Labour launches its 2019 election manifesto, we break down the details – from Brexit to housing


  • Labour’s big policy is a promise to increase spending on the NHS by an average 4.3% a year.
  • The party’s base will be hugely cheered by a pledge to end and reverse privatisation in the NHS in the next parliament and reinstate the responsibilities of the health secretary to provide a comprehensive and universal healthcare system.           
  • A milkshake tax would come into force on top of the existing levy on sugary drinks, as well as a ban on fast-food restaurants near schools and stricter rules around the advertising of junk food and the levels of salt in food.
  • Free annual NHS dental checkups would be available to all.
  • A new National Care Service to tackle the social care crisis, with a lifetime cap of £100,000 on the costs of personal care.


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  • Monty  On 11/22/2019 at 7:13 am

    As usual as politicians go, his manifesto has a lot of pie in the sky promises…some, although sounds very good, are not feasible in the greater scheme of things.

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