Memoir by Guyana-born, Dr Frank L Douglas – Book Review by ZammiD | Online Book Club

“Defining Moments of a Free Man from a Black Stream”

Memoir by Guyana-born, Dr Frank L Douglas

Book Review by ZammiD | Online Book Club

This is the story of Dr. Frank L. Douglas as he recounts the events of his life filled with religious and personal struggles.     

Frank is a very intelligent, and relentless man who is devoted to his education. During the 1960s and as a result of his hard work, Dr Douglas received a U.S. scholarship to study abroad away from his home in British Guiana (now known as Guyana) at Lehigh University and later at Cornell University Medical School.

During his studies, he experienced many different cultural shocking moments that upon his arrival leaves an impact on him.             

The level of racial discrimination is something new to him given where he came from people are treated differently. For Frank, racism wasn’t more prevalent than his academic achievements. Despite having better grades than his peers, but because of his skin color, he did not receive the same grades his intelligence deserved. Meanwhile, his white classmates received higher grades than their schoolwork warranted. Even so, his academic achievements outshined the racial discrimination around him in the end.

The book itself was written well and its delivery is engaging. Through every word and sentence of the story, you could sense the environment in intimate ways that can only be done with descriptive storytelling. This included everything from emotional makeup, spiritual belief educational desire, racial discrimination and anything else in between that is left to the reader’s interpretation. The style of writing helps the reader imagine and understand the hardships of a black man through two very different cultural environments.

I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars. This book is a very powerful memoir of Dr. Frank L Douglas. It’s a very powerful story of perseverance, patience, and determination to achieve success. The story perfectly articulates the struggles that a black man had to go through during that time both personally and professionally. Overall it is a great story of one’s self-exploration, personal growth, and Triumph and it is these qualities that make this memoir an amazing read.

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