Guyana: Prison-break carnage: A Stabroek News investigation… with details

420 persons killed between February 2002 and September 2006

–   151 were murdered by bandits
–   239 killed during confrontations with police and in unexplained circumstances
–   30 security officers lost their lives


For more than 15 years, the number of persons who died in the violence that followed the February 23rd, 2002 Camp Street jailbreak and the circumstances of their deaths have been the sources of heated disputation. As part of a public service journalism project to shed more light on that period, Stabroek News has compiled from its archives a list of persons killed between February 23, 2002 and September 2006 along with basic facts surrounding their cases. 

More details on each case will be carried on line at While there will likely be some deaths that may not have been recorded by the newspaper these would only be a small number.


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  • kamtanblog  On 11/19/2019 at 1:21 am

    Prisons are re-habilitation centres not “university of crime” as per today.
    Most in USA have become “privatised”
    money spinners for the corporates/capitalists.
    Cheap labour enterprises !

    An interesting article of how not to do
    things in Guyana. Learn from mistakes
    of the developed world.
    Guyanese be aware beware be wise !

    Well done Stabroeknews for and GOL
    for highlighting,


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