Caribbean: What’s going on in Haiti part II? – By Jean H Charles

By Jean H Charles

I wrote last February 2019 an essay titled: What’s going on in Haiti

where I predicted the tumultuous event that is happening now in the country, except, the Haitian manifestation of revolt against its corrupt and incompetent leader is today going like a wildfire from Puerto Rico to Hong-Hong and on to Chili from there to Iraq and from there again to Lebanon, the citizens are in revolt against their corrupt governments bent on inflicting pain and suffering on most of their subjects.

My inclination is to focus on the country that I am ailing from, Haiti, but the struggle against incompetent and malevolent governments is almost so universal that it has to be seen in a larger context.     

What is at stake is whether or not the system of faux democracy will prevail with its Westphalia armada of protection that you should not touch a seating president or Prime Minister even if he or she has absolutely no concern for its citizens?  In Haiti, President Jovenel Moise elected for a five year term in 2016 with a polling of 8 million electors has obtained 700.000 fraudulent votes to win the election. He could have maintained his power except the Highest Court of governmental budget control found that he was a gang leader along with his nemesis former President Michel Martelly in appropriating the Petro Caribe fund for their personal needs.

Adding a nail to the coffin the President has instituted or rather amplified a governmental ring whereby the national collection from customs and other governmental agencies are regularly siphoned and sent directly in cash to the president or his wife while starvation is the rule and the practice for the rest of the population.

Finally after 62 years (1957- 1986 and 1987 to 2019) of such bastard governments, the Haitian people have said enough is enough, we do not want any more of these types of corrupt governments. The country has been locked for the past two years in particular in the last two months with most institutions whether legislative, judiciary or executive have not been able to operate. School has not reopened since September.

The Core group made of the United Nations, the United States, France, Canada, Spain and the European Community want to maintain the status quo in spite of its mission of eradicating corruption as a line of governmental conduct. The Haitian people on the street by million want to reenact November 18, 1803 when the VA nu pieds soldiers of Jean Jacques Dessalines defeated the best soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte to finish for ever with slavery in the island of St Domingue before it became Haiti on January 1st 1804.

The fatidic date of November 18th is looming large in the horizon. The question in the minds of those who are schooled in the study of history is the following will Jovenel Moise understand that he represents the last vestige of the neo-colonial past and faire tirer sa reverence or will the Core Group, in particular the United States, decide to pick up its marble and cut its losses in siding now with the people of Haiti.

President Donald Trump embattled in the proceeding of impeachment lead by the Democratic Party has promised at election time he will be the Champion of the Haitian people. This is one promise he has not kept, otherwise he would have heard the cries of the ordinary citizen of Haiti locked behind doors all over the country to force Jovenel Moise to abdicate from power.  Jovenel claimed he has the support of the United States and he has even bought at an inflated price mercenary American security force for his personal protection.

All over the world the embattled nations have started to gain the fruit of their battle. The governor of Puerto Rico has resigned, the Prime Minister of Iraq and Lebanon has also abdicated. Jovenel Moise pretends that with the American support he can continue with business as usual while 11 million people cannot conduct a normal daily routine of life.

He has not realized yet the American government sides with its best interest when it is necessary irrespective of past engagements. When it was necessary to take Abur Bakr al Baghad out his holdout in northern Syria, uprooting the Kurds from their home sites took only one phone call and one week. If I was Jovenel Moise I would be busy looking into which country anywhere in the world is interested in giving him, his family and his key acolyte’s temporary refugee status?

The Haitian people must realize and for the Trump administration may lose the crucial Haitian American vote in the strategic balloting in Florida in the 2020 USA Presidential Elections.  Stability is necessary for the Caribbean region to guard against the continuous inflow of Haitian economic and political refugees knocking at the doors of the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Dominica and Martinique, Florida, Mexico and Guyana without prior authorization!

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  • Trevor  On 11/16/2019 at 5:08 pm

    Haiti discovered lots of gold back in 2010, and there are rumours that offshore Haiti hides multi-billion barrels of oil like Cuba.

    Why are the Haitians fleeing the country while the Europeans are still living there in their gated communities?

    What Haiti should have learned is that a European is a European is a European—The same Poles and Slavs they welcomed after the World War 2 are now living affluent lifestyles in gated communities, while the Haitians themselves suffer and have to flee the island.

    What’s going on in Haiti is neo-colonialism. It doesn’t matter if Poles and Slavs were allegedly being persecuted by the Nazis during the Third Reich; Europeans will always be Europeans and rob non-whites of their resources.

    If I visit Poland now, I will be called racist names related to chimpanzees that i might have to end up in jail there for a murder charge against the bigots.

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