Guyana: Major plantain chip packaging business launched… three flavours available

Garth Nelson, Deicrick Forde and David Forde surrounded by Regional Chairman, Renis Morian, Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph and students pose with samples of the product at the launch.

The business, Ventriz Flavoured Plantain Chips offers three flavours to the general public.   

At a simple but very impressive launch at the Region Ten Democratic Council Boardroom, Regional Chairman Renis Morian hailed the initiative as one that is timely, motivational and an indication that there is growth and progress being made by young and innovative entrepreneurs within the region.

He congratulated the founder of the company, Garth Nelson, who with his cousins originally hailed from the mining community of Linden.

Garth however currently resides in the USA but returned to set up the business. He is lauded about being serious about development in his country of birth.

“This business that is rolling out today is certainly a testimony to the determination and commitment of many Guyanese who are determined to contribute in a very meaningful way to the growth and development of this country.

“I therefore congratulate this young man and his cousin, David Forde, who together with the six- year-old Deicrick Forde, have formed a great team in rolling out this plantain chip packaging business,” the Regional Chairman said.
Morian said that with the plan of the company in buying plantain from suppliers, it has already created several jobs directly and indirectly for many.

He said that the RDC welcomes such an investment, noting that many times things are launched, and the public is forced to wait weeks or months for it to get going.

He however thanked the team for its efficiency and foresight, stressing that the product is ready at the launch. Morian said that the establishment of the business provides opportunity for farmers within the region to cultivate plantains.

Garth Nelson, in relating how the company got started, revealed that it was started by himself, his business partner, David, and Deicrick Forde who he said is the Chief Tasting Officer (CTO). He pointed out that some months ago, they were brainstorming on finding a venture that they can help with production, while at the same time creating employment.

He admitted that he has an obsession for plantain chips, and they decided that a great business venture would be finding a way to flavour the plantain chips, thus the establishment of Ventures. “I do not talk how much as I love eating plantain chips and I can tell you that I eat a lot of plantain chips. About four months ago, we created the new flavours Tomato Ketchup, Cheddar Cheese and Vinegar. I can tell you that while I have no background in cooking, the chips taste really well,” Nelson said.

The businessman who holds a degree in Computer Science, said that his cousin who is completing his degree in finance and accounting joined with him to make the business a reality. The business has been named after their maternal grandmother.

“While David and I got together, we decided that we were going to buy the plantain chips from within the community to provide an avenue to those persons selling chips to also benefit economically as this is our way of giving back to the community,” Nelson said.

“We are not selling these chips retail. Our primary focus is to provide it at wholesale prices, thus aiding young and other innovative businessmen and women to make a profit from this product,” he stressed.

Garth who currently works in the USA at a hospital said that they are very happy about the new product. He expressed excitement with the significantly positive responses that they have received from the public and most lately from a number of schoolchildren.

Meanwhile, business partner and cousin, David Forde, disclosed that they will be introducing three additional flavours in another eight months.

“Just like how Pringles are to potato so would Ventirz be to plantain chips. We will be introducing more flavours probably after eight months.

With our chief tasting officer advising us on the taste, we would be geared towards ensuring that the product is not only of a very high quality but one that is pursued aggressively by children,” David said.

Chips are being packaged in a tightly sealed Ziplock bag, thus affording users an opportunity to reuse the plastic bags for other storage and usage.

Garth said that whenever he uses the chips, he finds other usages for the bags. Parents can save as they are given an opportunity to reuse the bags either for juices and or snacks.

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  • Yvette Lee-Own  On 11/08/2019 at 7:55 am

    Great venture. But please source other packaging options, other than plastics. With the environmental issues of plastics, you should be sourcing other options. Good luck and congratulations😍

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