Guyana Politics: President Granger says he is strong enough to serve second term

President David Granger

Granger revealed that very soon, he and the Coalition party will be going into campaign mode for upcoming General and Regional elections. President Granger made this revelation yesterday during a special edition of ‘The Political Show’, which is aired on Kaieteur Radio.   

During an interview with host senior journalist, Leonard Gildarie, the President was specifically asked: “You have battled cancer; do you have the strength to do another term as the President of Guyana?”

A very confident President Granger replied, “Of course! It is a pity that I only have to do two terms. I can do more!”

He added, “I am strong enough, I am supported by a good team, and I have built a strong coalition. I feel very strong now and I am going into the campaign. All the reports from the doctors and the hospital suggested that I am strong enough, not only for the campaigns, but for the next five years”.

President Granger, 74, said he has reached this position with experience in different fields. He said that it is clear as day that his government has performed to the benefit of the Guyanese people. He said, too, that under his stewardship, there have been infrastructural upgrades to many communities.

“We have tried to resolve some of the problems that we have faced in places like East Bank Berbice where people have lights, they have a good road. We have provided water, we have provided public services, we have increased the pension of old folk, we have increased the salaries of low wage earners and we will continue to serve the people of Guyana.”

Not that he is in anyway comparing himself to the late Presidents Cheddi Jagan and his wife, Janet Jagan, President Granger reminded that both Jagans became Presidents when they were older than him. All in all, the Head of State stressed that he is confident that the Coalition will have a landslide victory at the upcoming elections set for March 02, 2020.

Expressing more certainty that the citizens will give him another term in office, President Granger said, “We have done our calculations and we are confident that we are not winning by a one-seat majority; it will be a much larger majority. We are mobilising on the ground and based on our record, we are convinced that we are going on a clearer majority as a coalition.”

“We are going in as a Coalition, we are better together, we are stronger together,” the President emphasised.

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  • The Watcher  On 11/03/2019 at 8:15 pm

    In these times of uncertainty, it is not sufficient to be ‘confident’ of anything, let alone the outcomes of political races. One must muster up all resources and take the message to the people. Voters must know that you do not take their votes for granted. Tell them, and tell them again, that you have their interests at heart, and explain to them, in plain language, what you will do for them.

  • Trevor  On 11/03/2019 at 11:08 pm

    Jagdeo is waiting to siphon the oil funds to build his Pradoville THREE mansion, or if not, a 12 storey high rise building.

    I’d rather the coalition govt than the PPP fake communist party. Real communists don’t disparage people by race because Marxism is based on the common worker class.

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