Gold miner and bandits shootout… Slain miner Deon ‘Mow’ Stoll buried

— suspect with bullet wound captured at E.C.D. roadblock

Deon Stoll

Police yesterday said that Morgan, who is wanted in connection with the murder of Stoll, was arrested at a roadblock on the Cove and John Public Road, East Coast Demerara.

The arrest was made about 05:45hrs.

Investigators believed that Morgan, who bore evidence of what appears to be a fresh gunshot wound on his right chest, was heading to Suriname.   Photo: Delon ‘Demon’ Morgan with gunshot wound

He reportedly was hiding out in Linden, Region Ten, before making his way to Georgetown on Monday.
He started his trip to Berbice yesterday where it is believed that he would have crossed at the backtrack area, Corentyne,

Sources said that the police were likely working on a tip off that Morgan was making a dash for it to neighbouring Suriname when he was captured.

Hundreds paid their last respect to the gold miner yesterday


According to photos surfacing after his arrest, Morgan bore evidence of a gunshot wound.
His arrest came hours before hundreds converged on the Essequibo Coast, to say goodbye to Stoll, 44.

The viewing took place at Stoll’s parents’ home at Charity, before his remains were later taken to Lima Sands.
He was well-known in the Charity area and on the Essequibo Coast where he grew up before relocating to the city

Since last week, following the shocking incident, investigators have been behind the gang.
Several persons were arrested.

On Monday, the court granted police approval for holding the suspects for another seven days for further investigations.
On Sunday, the police, facing pressure from the mining and business community, issued wanted bulletins for two men.

The crowds at the Charity home yesterday.

One of them was Morgan, 33, aka Shane Morgan, formerly of Kitty, and Lennox Estwick, 23, of lot 640 South Amelia’s Ward, Linden.
Background checks on the two men found that they are very well known to the police.

Morgan was charged in early 2017 for allegedly robbing a bank customer in Diamond shortly after a withdrawal.
He was also allegedly found in a getaway car which police intercepted with a number of fake number plates.

They were accused of robbing Aaron Akbar of $834,000.
Estwick was one of several gang members arrested by police in Linden in a murder probe. He was accused of being in unlawful possession of military clothing.

The crowds at the Charity home yesterday.

In 2015, he was part of a gang which allegedly committed a number of burglaries in Linden. He was granted bail.
In January 2018, he was jointly charged with a Linden farmer in the alleged shooting at Dillon Batson.

Investigators in the gold miner’s attack case, have so far arrested a doctor, Alonzo De Santos; Wayne St. Hill, a businessman from Dowding Street, Kitty; Steve Rollox of 55 Clarke Street, Peter’s Hall; and a number of other persons.

St. Hill and Morgan are said to be brothers.
On Monday, shortly after 10:00 hours, Stoll, who owns hotels and other operations across the country and hires scores of employees, made his way to a Da Silva Street, Newtown branch of El Dorado Trading, which is one of the country’s biggest gold dealers. With him was bodyguard/driver, Clayton Powley.

Security footage showed a car, almost bumper-to-bumper, behind Deon Stoll’s vehicle.
As soon as the businessman’s car turned into the parking area of the gold dealer, the car behind stopped and two men jumped out. They were masked.

One man ran to the driver side and wrenched open the door of Stoll’s car while the other raced to the passenger side and attempted to enter.
However, it appeared that Stoll on seeing the masked man, drew his handgun and there began a shootout.
He was shot but managed to fire on the bandits. One of them, suspected to be Morgan was hit, police said.
On the driver’s side, Powley, wrestled with the masked man who confronted him. That attacker, too, abandoned the effort. Powley was shot too.

Also shot by mistake by the wounded businessman was Rory Deegs, a security guard at El Dorado, who opened the gate.
It is believed that the bandits were after the raw gold that Stoll reportedly had in his possession and it appears that they were tracking him for some time.

The three injured men were taken to the hospital where Stoll passed away. Stoll was described as a prominent businessman whose death has created ripple effects in the gold sector.

According to well-place sources, the plan to rob Deon ‘Mow’ Stoll, 44, was in the making for some time now.
St. Hill is alleged to be one of the main suspects.

The doctor, who lives in Prospect, East Bank Demerara, was alleged to have been picked up at his home and taken to Sophia where he allegedly treated one of the shot bandits.
He is attached to the Diamond Hospital.

Rollox, accused of being the getaway driver, was said to have been the main logistics man. He is not only alleged to have driven the getaway car, taking one of the wounded bandits to Sophia, but he later was said to have allegedly picked up the doctor from Prospect and took him to Sophia.
Rollox was arrested at the Princess Casino on Wednesday after dumping the Toyota 212 getaway car in Peter’s Hall, not far from where he lived.
Sources said that he attempted to clean the blood-soaked back seat of the car at an Eccles wash bay.

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  • kamtanblog  On October 24, 2019 at 7:29 am

    Culture of guns drug death !

    It will get worse before it gets better !

    If ever ?


  • guyaneseonline  On October 29, 2019 at 12:33 am

    Gold miner, bandits shootout…Shop owner who helped trail victim had previously set up armed robbery at his own rum shop
    Oct 28, 2019 News

    Roberto Sankar and Delon ‘Demon Morgan’, two of the implicated suspects into the death of gold miner, Deon ‘Mow’ Stoll, had previously faced charges related to a robbery they were accused of staging.

    In March 2017, Sankar, the proprietor of a SuperBet outlet and others were remanded over a robbery he allegedly staged at his place of business.
    The 28-year-old of Lot 6 Pigeon Island, East Coast Demerara, was charged along with Morgan, 33, and Mark Vaughn, 46; both of Lot 27 Dowding Street, Kitty, Georgetown. They were also joined by Kasi Heyligar, 34, of Lot 42 Shell Road Kitty, Georgetown.
    It is alleged that on January 30, 2017 at Pigeon Island, East Coast Demerara, they robbed Dexter Lowe of a .32 Taurus pistol; and eight live matching rounds. It was also alleged that on the same day and at the same location they robbed Junior Chung of $1.2M.
    According to reports, six gunmen carried out a daring robbery at the sports betting agency and made off with $1.2M. Employees of SuperBet had just collected money from another shop up the East Coast of Demerara and were making a second pick up at Pigeon Island when the ‘bandits’ attacked.
    Kaieteur News understands that investigators received information that Sankar was involved in the plotting of the robbery. Police subsequently detained him during which he reportedly confessed to staging the robbery and identified two of his accomplices.
    However, these charges were dismissed as the alleged victims failed to turn up in court to give evidence.
    In relation to the recent attempted robbery and killing of Stoll, it is said that Sankar, who owns a ‘rum shop,’ was sent earlier in the morning to KGM Security Services on Sherriff Street, Georgetown.
    At the location he was made to monitor the movements of Stoll. After Stoll left KGM Security Services, Sankar with the use of a blue car, trailed him into Kitty until a Toyota 212 took over. The occupants of this vehicle then followed Stoll.

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