Completion of East Coast Demerara roads project now December 31, 2019

Citizens on the East Coast of Demerara will be driving in style on New Year’s Day 2020 with the completion of the East Coast Demerara Road Widening Project, according to officials of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

Works’ continue on the East Coast Demerara roads

The project will ensure that’s some 7.4 kilometers of road from Better Hope to Annandale being upgraded to a four-lane structure and 9.5 kilometers of the two-lane road from Buxton to Belfield being rehabilitated as well.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has informed that the actual upgrades to the road commenced in 2017 and were scheduled to be completed at the end of last month.     

On October 22, officials noted that the project is 80% completed and will be ready for opening by December 31, 2019.

However, owing to traffic management issues, coupled with the extended rainy season, the project has been given a new date for completion.

Contractors have indicated that they were unable to work at a desired pace because it caused a backup in traffic along the site. More so, it was indicated that rehabilitation works required destruction of the old structure before reconstruction could be affected.

According to Ministry officials, contractors had also informed that suppliers not delivering materials on time, contributing to works being executed at a slower pace. The removal and relocation of utilities within the project area were also said to be factors that hindered the desired progress.
According to Infrastructure Ministry, contractors have since informed that they have the required manpower and equipment they need to complete the projected within the new deadline.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has indicated that three bridges within the project site are to be built, as well as streetlights and traffic signals installed. While it was said that some 70 street lights are already installed, 100 more remained to be made operational on the four-lane road, while some 205 lights will be placed along the two-lane route. Works are being executed by the China Railway First Group Co. Ltd.
In 2016, the government and the People’s Republic of China signed a $9.6B (US$45.5M) concessional loan for the project which is being executed.

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  • kamtanblog  On 10/23/2019 at 9:28 pm

    Really !
    What rate of interest were agreed to and
    over what period. ?

    Is it “interest free” or a “never never” loan ?
    In public or private funding
    Need some answers


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