Video: The Science Behind Gold +The Richest Man In History – Mansa Musa of Mali (1280-1337)

The Richest Man In History – Mansa Musa of Mali ($400 Billion) + The Science Behind GOLD

Just about every culture, race and religion acknowledges the value of gold. Humans have been infatuated with gold for as long as we have recorded history. Millions have died for it, entire civilizations were build upon it and even many cryptocurrencies are backed by it.

Gold was the driving force in the European conquest of the Americas in search of places like El Dorado, a city entirely made of Gold. And we can’t forget the mass migration to the western United States in the Gold Rush of 1849. Even the gods wanted gold. According to the Sumerian tablets, the oldest written record we have, gold was the entire reason for creating mankind. 

Aside from being shiny, Gold is incredibly durable and malleable. It does not corrode or rust like other metals. It can easily be shaped into statues or coins that stand the test of time. But there are many practical uses for Gold. Nasa uses gold on their spaceships and astronaut suits because it blocks harmful radiation rays.

On a monatomic level, it can used to achieve profound health benefits. Gold is not toxic and integrates well with the biology of the human body. It is used to detect cancer cells and in certain cased has even been known to attack and destroy prostate cancer cells. When injected into joints, gold can reduce pain, swelling, damage and arthritis.

However, gold is extremely scarce. All the gold we have on earth came to us from asteroids that crashed here 200 millions years after the earth was formed. There is no way for humans reproduce gold, so every ounce has to be mined. In fact, gold is so scarce that if you gathered ALL the gold we have in the world, it would only fill 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

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  • kamtanblog  On 10/15/2019 at 4:15 am

    Go google Paladium or Rhodium

    More valuable than gold
    Black gold “oil” is what matters most today
    but renewables …water wind wave solar
    is what matters most today.
    Clean water
    Unpolluted air
    Unpolluted seas
    Unlimited solar power
    Is what really matters most.

    Go figure


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