Video: Five die in horrific East Bank Demerara Road accident


A horrific accident early this morning on the Friendship, East Bank Demerara Public Road has left five persons, including a member of the Guyana Police Force, dead.

Traffic Chief Linden Isles this morning confirmed to Stabroek News that the accident involved a police vehicle and a private vehicle. He said the driver of the police vehicle is among the dead and there are also police ranks among the injured.         

Four of the dead have been confirmed as Special Constable Lovern Stoby,  Leon Tucker, Denise King and Hubert Josiah.

President David Granger today said he is saddened at the death of the five persons. He expressed sympathy to their relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Presidency in a statement this afternoon refuted statements in sections of the media that suggested the police vehicle involved in the accident was part of President Granger’s convoy.

“The police vehicle, at the time of the accident, was headed south along the EBD corridor in the direction of Timehri, while, the passenger car was headed north in the direction of Georgetown.

“President Granger was at another EBD location at the time of the accident.

“The Ministry of the Presidency calls on members of the media corps to ensure that information is verified with the relevant authorities prior to its dissemination to the public.

“The media must, at all times, hold fast to the principles of sound journalism and desist from publishing false information”, the statement said.


Update: Five die in horrific East Bank Demerara Road accident

Five persons were killed in a collision involving a police vehicle along the Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD) public road early yesterday morning and President David Granger has ordered a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the cause while pledging that steps will be taken to ensure the safe use of the roads by members of the security forces.

Those who died are:  Ronnel Barker, 24, a Presidential Guard who was driving the police vehicle; Leon Tucker, 34, of 2544 Recht-Door-Zee, West Bank Demerara, a father of two and a member of the Guyana Defence Force, who was driving the other vehicle; Tucker’s aunt, Lovern Stoby, 66, of Third Street, Friendship, who was a traffic officer at the John Fernandes Wharf; and Denise King Josiah, 57, a cleaner, and Hubert Josiah, 58, a porter, both of 105, Second Street Friendship and employees of the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.

The injured survivors have been identified as Travis Fullington, and Tricia London of 419, Third Street, Friendship.


President Granger orders CoI into horrific EBD accident

President David Granger, has ordered a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into yesterday morning’s tragic accident at Friendship, East Bank Demerara, which resulted in the death of five persons.

President David Granger at the scene of the accident

The Head of State emphasized that the extremely disturbing accident, saddens him.
“I would like you to know that this shocking event will be thoroughly investigated. In fact, soon after the accident, within two hours, I directed the acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Nigel Hoppie to launch an inquiry headed by a person no lower in rank than the Deputy Commissioner, to determine how such an accident could have occurred and also to make recommendations to prevent a recurrence,” the Head of State told the Public Information and Press Service.
“We will ensure that, if there was any error, any mistake, any wrongdoing… that there will be no further event like this in the history of the Police Force or the Guyana Defence Force,” he said.

President Granger assured that whatever the cause of the accident, the Government of Guyana, the administration of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force, the Cabinet and the National Security Committee, which was also briefed about the events of yesterday’s accident will take every step to ensure that the roads are used safely by all members of the security forces.

President Granger added that steps will also be taken to ensure that regulations, Standing Operating Procedures, inspections and the careful selection and training of drivers, are measures which are put in place so as to prevent a recurrence.

“The Government and the security forces will ensure that the findings and recommendations of this Commission of Inquiry are fully and rigorously implemented,” he said.
The Head of State has also expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

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