Infographic | Visualizing Global Attitudes Towards Retirement

Visualizing Global Attitudes Towards Retirement

Around the world, people have different attitudes towards what to expect in their retirement years.

Statistics show that not having enough money at retirement is a nearly universal issue, and 51% of employees with a workplace pension are worried that they won’t make enough to live their ideal retirement life.

Of course, there are always notable exceptions to every rule.

Does reality match expectation?
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  • kamtanblog  On 10/10/2019 at 4:15 am

    Very comprehensive, informative and interesting read.
    First response.
    Will have to read and digest before further

    Am 75 and retired at 60 on a company
    final salary pension and went to live in
    south Spain. UK winters are severe.
    At 65 I started receiving my UK state
    pension. You guessed it …for tax purposes
    it was added to my company pension
    which meant a tax liability of over £3000
    pa. will be taxed until my exit …am not
    complaining as I can live anywhere on the
    planet and still receive my two pensions.
    Was lucky that my pensions are payable in
    £’s most valuable currency on the planet.
    I can avoid paying UK tax by electing to
    live elsewhere but am a resident and citizen
    of UK…and choose to pay my taxes here.

    Our world is global not local anymore.

    Go figure
    Kamtan 👽

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