Roger Khan released on bail after police questioning re Waddell and Allison murders

Roger Khan photographed while in police custody on Friday

Roger Khan photographed while in police custody on Friday

Convicted drug trafficker Roger Khan, who was detained by the police on Friday night for questioning in relation to the murders of political activist Ronald Waddell and boxing coach Donald Allison has been released from police custody.

His attorney, Glenn Hanoman confirmed to Stabroek News today that Khan has been released on $200,000 station bail after his 72-hours detention period expired.           

Khan arrived shortly after 11.30 pm on Friday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri on an American Airlines flight from Miami.

Upon his arrival, the 47-year-old was whisked away under heavy police guard to the CID at Eve Leary, where he was processed.

After spending close to an hour there, during which time he was briefly allowed to see his attorney, he was transported to an undisclosed holding facility.

Hanoman later related that Khan told him that the police had explained to him that he would not be released and instead would be held for questioning about the murders of Waddell and Allison.

On Saturday, Hanoman had told this newspaper that investigators have concluded the interview process with Khan and he has maintained his innocence.

Khan was released from a US prison in early July. He had served almost ten years of a 15-year sentence for drug trafficking. He was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine, witness tampering and gun-running.

He had been arrested in Suriname and was seized by US authorities in Trinidad while en route to Guyana.

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  • Trevor  On September 25, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Face of a demon!

    RK r*ss tek photo of himself sport up and drink beer at mansion after his release. Guyana needs God right now to set tings straight!

    Over 400+ young men, mostly of African ancestry, died in the hands of the PPP and many fingers point to RK.

    I can’t bear seeing that demon’s face! RK is the impersonation of the Satan!

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