U.S mass killers always live to see another day – By Yvonne Sam

U.S mass killers always live to see another day—Why for Blacks it’s the other way?  

  By Yvonne Sam

The mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio that killed nine people and wounded 26 others is an oddity. Connor Betts, the killer is not an aberration because he shot and killed nine persons less than 24 hours after another assassin Patrick Crusius massacred 20 people in El Paso, Texas.  He is different because he was gunned down by Dayton, Ohio police.  https://nypost.com/2019/08/05/video-shows-moment-cops-kill-connor-betts-during-dayton-massacre/.

A deviation from the normal pattern.  In fact, pictures of the mass killer being handcuffed while being gently spoken to by arresting officers stand in blatant and  blood boiling contrast to the picture of Eric Garner,  an unarmed Black man being body slammed  to the pavement in Staten island by NYPD officers, and eventually being choked to death by officer Daniel Pantaleo.   

Eric Garner was unarmed, proving no threat of harm or danger to anyone, possessing no concealed or revealed indication of any racial or hate, yet he died.  https://www.wnd.com/2014/12/eric-garner-killed-over-race-or-nanny-state/.

Contrastingly,  Patrick Crusius was armed, committed mass murder, possessed an alleged manifesto that appeared on line minutes before the killings, wherein he spewed volcanic animosity against Illegal immigrants, notably Hispanics—all that aside he is very much alive.   https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/03/us/patrick-crusius-el-paso-shooter-manifesto.html

The pictures of Eric Garner being overwhelmingly assaulted by a phalanx of NYPD police officers, versus the kid glove treatment displayed towards Crusius by the officers of the El Paso Police Department  has been looped on social media with many eyebrows raised.  In the coverage of the massacre the repeated operative words are that Crusius surrendered “without incident.” Eric Garner was never afforded that opportunity, and he’s dead. Let us not forget that the Charleston shooter Dylan Roof accused of gunning down 9 people in a church in South Carolina was bought Burger King by the cops after the shooting, because he complained of being hungry. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/06/23/dylann-roof-burger-king_n_7645216.html

Both the killings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio followed just days after FBI director Christopher Wray announced what has been repeatedly well documented—that the majority of acts of domestic terrorism have been perpetrated by young white males, and in addition there is a direct link between their acts and white supremacy groups or at the very least an addiction to white supremacist propaganda tracs, websites, and literature.  https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/white-nationalism-fueled-violence-rise-fbi-slow-call-it-domestic-n1039206.

In more than a few cases, FBI and other law enforcement agencies had early warnings about some of the mass killers. Yet, they walked free. That freedom cost lives, agonizingly ripped apart yet another community, and brought about the resurrection of the by now all too familiar soul search about how could this happen. Both Federal and local enforcement officials have been unable to proffer an answer, instead lamenting the obvious fact that white nationalist groups have surged in the nation and much of this surge has taken place right under their very nose. Ironically, their supplied response is synonymous to a throw up of the hands when they flatly said they have no real answer to the threat other than make arrests when they can. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/fbi-faces-skepticism-over-its-anti-domestic-terror-efforts/2019/08/04/c9c928bc-b6e0-11e9-b3b4-2bb69e8c4e39_story.html

Why are we alarmed at the reluctance in evoking a response to the deadly threat posed by the likes of Crusius. Let us twin acts and facts–, he is a white male, educated, and if his drivel is to be believed, an American firster. He also has the right racial and social pedigree that protects him from profiling, surveillance, scrutiny, and, judging from his repeated arrest record, vigorous prosecution, conviction, and a lengthy stretch behind bars. Innumerable conducted survey and studies have repeatedly shown that there is no such pass from scrutiny for Blacks. Eric Garner like so many other Blacks is the dead proof of that.

The only time officials have slapped the domestic terror threat on organizations and have utilized every weapon, legal and illegal, to destroy the alleged domestic threat was to  groups such as the Black Panthers, and other black militant organizations.  There was no experienced problem figuring out what to do about them and that is to eliminate them.

Predictably the script is unchanged, the pattern remains the same, in the inescapable landslide of news clips, press reports and news features on males such as Crusius in the aftermath of their murderous attack. They are described as “troubled,” “a loner,” ‘hostile,” and “no clue he was dangerous.” The president of the United States, Donald Trump, following a mass murder plunged in with his stock characterizations reserved solely for white mass killers, as “mentally disturbed,” “bad and erratic behavior,” and with what is hardly the revelation of the ages “a big problem.”

Actually, the rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017 by assorted white nationalist groups should have sounded loudly the clarion that white nationalist and supremacist groups  have made contact with the loose  and delusional wires in the heads of a more than a few impressionable, distraught, alienated, and unhinged, young white males, including James Alex Fields Jr, a professed neo-Nazi.  They have easy access to the big killer guns, and stocks of ammo. They are not routinely profiled by police. So, they can take pictures with guns, parade with guns publicly, and blast away at rifle ranges or at training sites. They have no fear of exposure or arrest.

Donald Trump spent an almost entire presidential campaign  raving and ranting about the perils of illegal immigrants and the threats they pose to the American people. Surprisingly, the same perils about which Crusius ranted.  It is not worth a think about any possible link. The  known fact is that neither Patrick Crusius nor Connor Betts will be labelled a perpetual or enduring menace to society, or terror threats.  The pass that white men like them continue to get remains firmly in their pocket, and that  is why Crusius lives another day and Blacks  will always face down lay.

Regardless, of what authorities may have us believe, white appears to be right, while continued behavior lends truth to the unspoken creed: never allow Blacks a chance to breathe.

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  • Trevor  On August 26, 2019 at 9:22 am

    “A deviation from the normal pattern. In fact, pictures of the mass killer being handcuffed while being gently spoken to by arresting officers stand in blatant and blood boiling contrast to the picture of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man being body slammed to the pavement in Staten island by NYPD officers, and eventually being choked to death by officer Daniel Pantaleo.”

    Do you think that modern Guyana post-PPP/C has been immune from this? Street vendors are harassed by police here too. The AFC is nothing more than a band of PPP/C rejects with a very neo-liberal and anti-working class policy.

    When the PPP was in power, drug lords laundered their monies using Chinese nationals to construct 7 to 9 storey buuildings across GT. Squatters were forced to leave at gunpoint, and those who refused mysteriously vanished.

    Under the PPP/C rejects called the AFC, hundreds of Stabroek Market stall holders and vendors, mainly of Afro-Guyanese identity were met with armed police tearing down their stalls, and a few months later, stores from mainly Chinese and Indian nationals have taken over, constructing larger and larger modern buildings in the vicinity. It’s an economic genocide for us local Guyanese, while the foreign global elite profit.

    If Eric Garner was a drugs pusher of Caucasian heritage, he would be peacefully handed a citation or a ticket, but because he was non-white, he was treated with violence.

  • Trevor  On August 26, 2019 at 9:33 am

    Diaspora based Guyanese can resonate with the motifs of this music video of Childish Gambino. This video explains the historical racial prejudices and modern racist views of white supremacy in the USA:

    Overseas-based Guyanese can resonate with “This is America, don’t catch you slipping up” as in if you slip up in your job as a non-white, it’s a Scarlett letter for life, you lose your minimum wage job, the landlord evicts you from their slumlord apartment in Manhattan, and you’re on the streets in -10F weather likely to freeze to death.

    Guyanese why are you lured by the false promises of having a piece of the Manhattan or Toronto lifestyle? Those ivory towers and End Times luxury construction skyscraper booms aren’t for you working your minimum wage job and handing over 50% of your rent like dawg to the greedy landlord.

    There was a story in Holland where an Afro-Surinamese had a European sounding name, and when he was called for the interview, the interviewer expected a white Dutch man, but instead wrote a racist memo to his co-worker using the most racist words ever.

    White man ain’t got no love for you non-white Guyanese. The system is stacked against you. Do you think Exxon is of the benefit for us in Guyana? They already own almost all of the oil reserves for a paltry 2% and 75% recoup in costs, which could be anything from private jets from Epstein private Lolita island, to inflated hotel costs staying in Robert Badal’s anticipated Pegasus Suites.

    Can’t believe that mostly PPP Guyanese are becoming racist towards Haitians and spreading anti-Black libel, while the Chinese, Asian, Indian and American are buying up Guyana land and pricing everyone else from affording a home.

  • Trevor  On August 26, 2019 at 5:53 pm

    Sis, this happened in your area of Canada, but the law protects the woman who told China lady to “go back to China”.

    What if she told one of my sisters this? Would the police protect the white woman instead? Honestly, these white countries need to be tolerant if they are allowing immigrants to live. They can’t just spew racist hate and shoot up places where non-whites frequent.


    • Trevor  On August 26, 2019 at 6:02 pm

      Racist white woman is allowed to say the n***er word to 911, and falsely accusing my sister of “attacking” her. The white woman will cry in pain as she calls my sister the n***er word because she is black!

      Racist White AmeriKKKa needs to be burned to the ground!!!!

  • Trevor  On September 18, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    Racist white boy threatens to genocide Blacks and blow up the school, but gets a slap on the wrist, and the victims of his racist video are the ones receiving condemnation:


    The school even asked the Black girls parents how would they feel if the White boy was expelled and that “what about his education”? The White boy threatened to shoot up Blacks and blow up the school with them inside…How isn’t that a felony in Canada?


    The white boy is a racist and isn’t doing teenage pranks. He might grow up to commit genocide one day. The best thing as a non-White is to keep a close eye on him, and to stop him if he ever dare pull a gun inside a classroom or place of worship.

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