Trump’s ‘Disloyalty’ Smear Reflects Fury Over Broken Promise of Jewish Reward

For liberal U.S. Jews, the president’s anti-Semitism has now been proven beyond a reasonable doubt

Analysis: Shalev | Haaretz

The allegation that Jews are inherently “disloyal” is a basic building block of anti-Semitism. It has served Jew-baiters since the dawn of civilization, when Pharaoh worried in the Book of Exodus that his Hebrew slaves “may join our enemies in fighting against us and rise from the ground.”

Incitement against disloyal Jews fueled the first pogrom in Alexandria in the first century C.E. It has remained a potent mainstay of Jew-haters throughout 2,000 years of Jewish exile and persecution, taking center stage in the Dreyfus affair, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the lethal Nazi battle cry against a Jewish “knife in the back”.           

When Jews are accused of “disloyalty”, their ancient genes, evolved over generations of suffering, send alarm bells ringing to warn of an impending calamity. When the disloyalty trope is voiced by the president of the United States, ostensibly the most powerful man alive, the shockwaves jolting American Jews are immeasurably stronger. Their anxiety reaches fever pitch, despite — or possibly because — it is the most vibrant and successful diaspora in Jewish history.

Which is why Donald Trump’s words to reporters in the White House on Tuesday night constitute such a watershed event.  The U.S. president’s claim that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal shook American Jewry to its very core and forged a new and distressing landscape. All of Trump’s suspect statements in the past about Jewish expertise in counting cash or their penchant for buying presidential candidates with money, along with his ongoing aid and succor to white supremacist movements laced with anti-Semitism, pale in comparison to his floating of an age-old smear about the ingrained treachery of rootless “cosmopolitan” Jewish minorities.

In the wake of the fierce reaction to his statement, Trump defended himself on Wednesday with a twitter-storm that poured even more fuel on the fire. He embraced the ecstatic depictions of a conservative commentator who dubiously asserted that Trump is regarded in Israel as king and even messiah. The U.S. President lauded Israeli Jews for their wisdom and berated their American cousins for their short-sighted rejection of his divine benevolence.

Trump showed that he is eager to leverage Israel in order to drive a wedge between the Democratic Party and its Jewish supporters and donors. He obviously couldn’t care less about the future of bipartisan support, hitherto seen as a bedrock of the “special relationship” between Israel and the United States.

Trump’s endeavor is bound not only to fail miserably and actually drive even more Jews into the arms of his detested rivals, but in the meantime, he will have injected even more poison into the already ailing ties between U.S. Jews and Israel. For a handful of Jewish votes and a fistful of their dollars, Trump is trying to poison relations between Jews and the party that best represents their values and ideals, a party that supported Israel when Republicans still viewed it as an impediment to America’s lucrative links to Arabian oil.

The incident, far graver than any of its precedents, exacerbates an already tense relationship between liberal Jews and their president, pushing it closer to the abyss. It sparks an ugly and divisive internal confrontation between the liberal Jewish majority, which is crying foul, and the conservative right-wing Jewish minority, which is defending Trump by brandishing his supposedly pro-Israel policies. Less than five years after U.S. media celebrated the “Golden Age” of the most successful, accepted and even admired Jewish community in 2,000 years of exile, U.S. Jews are in distress, fearful about their future, their hitherto safe and secure world unbalanced by a resentful and spiteful president.

By implication and by virtue of the unprecedented symbiosis between Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu — highlighted only this week when Jerusalem opted to appease the president by nixing the visit of Muslim lawmakers Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib — Israel will also suffer the consequences of Trump’s unabashedly anti-Semitic outburst.

Thus, the existing rift between the two pillars of modern Jewish existence could widen into an unbridgeable rupture.

And, moreover, it will degenerate into open hostility and complete alienation if the White House recruits Netanyahu, for the second time in a week, this time as Trump’s defense attorney against his public indictment as a hater of Jews.  With less than a month left before pivotal Israeli elections in which Trump is one of his prime assets, Netanyahu will be hard-pressed to reject such a request, even if it casts him as turning his back on his own people.

Some of Trump’s fans will offer a backhanded defense of the president and try to calm Jewish jitters by alluding to his known tendency to talk and do nonsense with nary an aforethought. It’s a claim that is hard to contradict on a day on which Trump cancels a visit to Denmark because its leader won’t discuss his ludicrously delusional offer to buy Greenland.

Although his words sparked an immediate dumpster fire among U.S. Jews in particular and liberals in general, the exact meaning of the logic and syntax-challenged president’s words were initially unclear. Exactly who are the roughly 80% of American Jews who vote for Democrats being disloyal to?

Some ventured that given the U.S. president’s tendency to see himself as the sun around which the entire universe revolves, it stands to reason that Trump was talking about Trump. The ingrate Jews are being disloyal by spurning a president who defends Israel against evil-mongers such as Tlaib and Omar.

Trump clarified his words on Wednesday, saying that he was referring to “disloyalty to Israel”, which will make no one breathe easier. Jews are showing a lack of knowledge and loyalty to Israel, by voting for a party that is supposedly beholden to Israel’s enemies, Trump asserts.

It is a claim laced with bitter irony, which Trump will undoubtedly find hard to grasp: When a U.S. president castigates Jews for being disloyal to Israel, he is effectively absolving them of the “dual loyalty” charge, the U.S. derivative of the classic “disloyalty” libel, which last surfaced prominently in the wake of the apprehension of the Israeli spy in U.S. Navy headquarters, Jonathan Pollard.

Trump, whether by virtue of long-held prejudices he brought with him to the White House or later suggestions whispered in his ear, apparently accepted the anti-Semitic trope shared by both right and left that Jews owe their supreme loyalty to Israel and vote accordingly. Trump believed, or was led to believe, that if he displayed largesse towards the Jewish state and concurrently “proved” Democrat hostility, he would be generously rewarded by legions of appreciative Jews flocking to his side.

In Trump’s eyes, gestures such as moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem or recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan were supposed to overshadow and eclipse the liberal worldview of U.S. Jews, which has made them into harsh opponents of his policies on immigration, minorities, abortions, freedom of the press, the rule of law and ethics in government, to name but a few.

Hurling a blanket accusation of disloyalty is thus a reflection of Trump’s increasing frustration with U.S. Jews, who have failed to compensate him for his troubles. The promise that Jews would reward him turned out to be empty, and nothing infuriates Trump more than self-perception that he has been shown up as a patsy taken for a ride. And while his wrath currently seems to be exclusively focused on American Jews, it could be a harbinger of hidden rage to come against Israel — especially if any of its lobbyists, representatives or leaders were the ones who persuaded the president that he would receive a generous Jewish bounty for his support.

Talmudic hairsplitting about the exact translation of Trump’s statements, however, won’t detract from the darkness of the hour. In the eyes of many if not most U.S. Jews, Trump has now evolved from a suspect accused of anti-Semitism into a felon convicted beyond any reasonable doubt. Their anger and frustration are compounded by the widespread perception that in their hour of need, the prime minister of Israel is siding with their defamer.

If Netanyahu does so, if he fails to extract himself from the deep pit that he dug himself and his country into, U.S. Jews will never forgive him. The verdict of Jewish history may be even harsher.

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  • Clyde Duncan  On 08/23/2019 at 7:11 am

    Trump Has Made It Official: He Is the Greatest anti-Semite of Our Age

    For years he boogalooed around the issue, dog-whistling Dixie. But he just pulled the pin off the grenade – and for electoral gain.

    Bradley Burston | Haaretz

    If you are a Jew, you know it the nanosecond you hear it. Anti-Semitism. The real deal.

    You can’t help it. You carry the sensors for Jew-hate around with you – the alarm receptors are built into your every cell, coiled into your mitochondria, twist-tied into your DNA. Trip-wires to alert you to the Nazi-worshipper, the Grand Inquisitor, the Klansman, the Christ-avenger.

    One characteristic of the true anti-Semite is the way in which they’ll test their message, to see how clear and public and how harmful – and in too many recent cases, how deadly – they can get before they’re stopped.

    The uber-anti-Semite, meantime, tests how far he can go, how high he can climb, the sewage-depth of what he can get away with, straight up against the Jews themselves.

    Which brings us to the man who has now proven himself, well beyond all rivals, as the greatest anti-Semite of our age.

    For years he’s boogalooed and pirouetted around the issue, dog whistling Dixie at every opportunity. This week though, he made it official, gnawing on and extracting with his very teeth the pin on the fragmentation grenade that went:

    “Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

    There it is. His test of the Jews, full frontal. Come and get me, he taunts. And just watch me as I mine and inflame and leverage the Jew in you, and turn all of it into votes.

    In fact, he’s already begun. The first step was to win the mehadrin, ultra-glatt stamp of Jew-loving kosher certification from the Council of Jewish Sages known as the Republican Jewish Coalition. This took only a matter of moments.

    “President Trump is right,” the RJC declared in a tweet, adding, in a wholly inadvertent effective condemnation of both itself and, in fact, the-some 20 percent of Jews who still, for whatever reason, back Trump:

    “… it shows a great deal of disloyalty to oneself to defend a party that protects/emboldens people that hate you for your religion.”

    Trump on Omar/Tlaib: “Any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat — I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

    The RJC then dug its pilot hole a ton deeper, calling unwanted attention to the many, many Republican officeholders, Trump in the lead, who employed – without apology or censure – overtly anti-Semitic memes in their election campaigns over the past two years:

    “The @GOP, when rarely confronted w/anti-Semitism of elected members, always acts swiftly and decisively to punish and remove,” the RJC tweeted.

    Tell that to Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and a host of others whose campaigns have used anti-Semitic memes, and whose political careers sail on, undeterred, unscathed.

    But wait, it gets better. Now we’re seeing how Trump intends to spin his Jewish Problem into electoral gold.

    The message is swiftly coming into focus. It’s NOT Jews he’s talking to at all. He’s talking to EVANGELICALS, the core reactor of his electoral strength.

    He’s in a do-or-die offensive to hold them and drive them and to light an inextinguishable blaze beneath their backsides, and what he’s telling them is simple as flat trajectory AK fire:

    You’re better Zionists than the Jews are, and at this point, you – and especially, I – are even more pro-Israel than that Omar-Tlaib waffler Netanyahu.

    Not only that, you can lock in your place in scripture, in rapture, in the End of Days, with nothing more than one vote. DONALD TRUMP.

    Trump tweeted quotes from an unusually enthusiastic endorsement of his remarks about Jews. The source was Wayne Allyn Root, a conservative radio host and author, an ardent pro-Trump conspiracy theorist who described himself in a religiously Trump-thumping 2016 article as “a Jew turned Evangelical Christian.”

    Decrying the carping and ignorance of American Jews, Root suggested that – following the example of Israelis who adore the American president – Trump should be seen as the “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God.”

    “President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, NOT just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world. … and the Jewish People in Israel love him … like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he’s the second coming of God …

    “But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore. It makes no sense!”

    I see anti-Semitism as an enemy. I see Donald Trump the same way.

    I am one of the 80 percent of American Jews who have observed Donald Trump foster, wink at, and benefit from Jew-baiting – along with Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, and bigotry toward African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, disabled Americans and immigrants as a whole.

    I just want to say this one thing of Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and the other court Jews who stand by, enable, protect and embolden Donald Trump’s innate anti-Semitism:


  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 08/23/2019 at 2:21 pm

    Interesting analysis.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 08/23/2019 at 11:59 pm

    ‘Disloyalty’ with Jews is Like the N-Word with My People

  • Veda Nath Mohabir  On 08/24/2019 at 3:57 pm

    Guyana has its own ‘disloyal’ people. So, some claim when such people use the “Indo” prefix; while others think of Indo-Guyanese as “economic migrants”, hence not patriotic to Guyana, and so should be stripped of citizenship.

    Eusi Kwayana, writes in his 2005 book, The Morning After (the warning of an impending military coup in Guyana against the PPP gov’t) that Ronald Waddell and Mark Benschop were two of the “Political Masterminds” with access to TV as hosts, stirring up the Africans viewers.

    Waddell, who ran for the PNC in 2001 “called for a boycott of PPP supporters’ businesses and talked of the ‘revolution’” and ‘called on Indians who did not support the PPP to report to the PNC H-Q for “protection”’. All other Indians, of course, would then become fair game. The WPA, Kwayana says, saw this as the “crudest threat in time of peace…and was a major threat to people’s [Indians’] human rights”. Furthermore, Waddell “proclaimed East Indians to be ‘economic migrants’ rather than persons qualified for citizenship, and who therefore should have no share in the government of Guyana. Africans and Amerindians should be the dominant political forces. It did not worry him that in this link Amerindians would be a new minority in the Salvation State to be established after what he called ‘the revolution’”.

    Waddell died in a hail of bullets; and many deem him a martyr. So it is not unusual that the anti-Indian, Freddie Kissoon, speaks highly of him.

    Now to those who are virulent, even venomous, objectors to the prefix “Indo” as they see it as defining a people who are Guyanese by birth but by their using the term “Indo” are seen as disloyal and unpatriotic to Guyana because they would rather not be deemed “black”.
    To my mind this virulence and venom against “Indo”Guyanese, are what manifested in the 2:00 am indiscriminate massacre of eleven (11) sleeping Indians, including mothers and children, on January 26, 2008.
    Let’s look at what Ric Hinds and Tata had to say about “Indo”:
    The above is after the said two spewed similar venom two years earlier at a mixed young lady, Elizabeth Jaikaran, which led to a lengthy debate.

    Ironically, Prof Clem Seecharan, who gave a lengthy speech in 2014 in GT berating Indo-Guyanese (as he used the term), especially Hindus, for racism against African Guyanese, is one of those “Indo”-Guyanese “pioneers” who are featured in the first link.

    I would have already mentioned on this blog that I have rebutted Clem Seecharan for his “mauling” (as I deem it) of Indians in the 2014 speech, in a book yet to be put on the internet. He uses a 200-yr old false premise of Aryan “Central Asian progenitors” to link so-called Brahmin/Hindu oppression against others and Afro-Guyanese. I have provided broad evidence including the most-up-to date human genetic findings to strike down his false thesis, which then makes his arguments worthless. Link follows.


    • Emanuel  On 08/24/2019 at 6:26 pm

      This is not about Guyana or Guyanese, it is about the crazy narcissist in the White House and his fake support of Israel.

      Everyone can see that the con artist expects a personal reward in whatever he does. He doesn’t like the Jews, just like he doesn’t like black and brown people or Muslims.

      Just like he doesn’t like the starving people of Central America, the invaders.

      So, why are you talking about Clem Seecharran and Indo Guyanese? Why not talk about Trump’s ulterior motives and his fake support of the Jews? Please pull your head out of the sand and get help.

  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/04/2019 at 10:08 am

    Trump Roasted for Congratulating Poland on WWII Anniversary

    ‘The guy has no idea what happened in 1939’

    “The anniversary of the darkest day in Poland’s history and he congratulates them. Wow. Just….wow!,” wrote another satirist.

    Jeet Heer, the national-affairs correspondent for The Nation, joked “Bret Stephens: I’m going to make the stupidest possible statement about Poland and World War II. – Trump: Not on my watch, buddy.”

    Trump’s congratulatory comment was met with scorn on Twitter as users pointed out the fact that Poland suffered immensely as a result of the event being commemorated.

    One Twitter user replied to a video of the comments, “The guy has no idea what happened in 1939.”

    While another joked, “[walks into a Hallmark store] Hi, where are the Congrats On Your Nazi Invasion cards?”

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