Exxon Forum in Toronto: Hundreds of Guyanese benefit from Oil Investments

By Staff Reporter – 

The large Guyanese audience at the forum

…Exxon Senior VP tells Guyanese in Toronto

SENIOR Vice President of ExxonMobil in charge of exploration and new ventures, Michael Cousins, told a gathering in Toronto on Sunday 18th August  2019, that the sanctity of contract should be respected and that the investment being made by his company to recover oil here will see major transformation in Guyana with some 1357 Guyanese already benefitting from jobs.  

The top official was at the time responding to a question posed from the audience during a town hall meeting on Guyana’s Oil and Gas Development hosted by the Canadian Council for the Americas at the Leparc Banquet Hall in Thornhill, Ontario. Canada.


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  • Trevor  On August 25, 2019 at 5:45 pm

    Indo-Guyanese, Indian and Chinese nationals and whites benefit from oil. Not us. Ask David Hinds how the struggle is real for Afro-Guyanese.

    Indo-Guyanese racists are becoming very xenophobic towards Haitians and Cubans, but they roll the red carpet for the white man.

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