St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto (SSCAAT) Meeting Invitation – Sept 8, 2019

The St. Stanislaus College Alumni Association Toronto Chapter (SSCAAT) is open to all past alumni of our beloved college, St. Stanislaus College in Guyana.  We are calling on past alumni who would like to bring their ideas and enthusiasm to the Executive Committee to join and apply for positions to serve on the Association.  

A bit about the Association’s work:

This year, to date in 2019, the Toronto Chapter, has donated just over $20,000 CDN to the College for new technology.  This equips the school and students with access to education through technology.  Items include 3 projectors and screens, 15 desktop computers,11 of which are high end Intel I7 small form factor systems as requested, 11 LCD monitors, and copy paper.     

With a commitment to furthering science, the association has also sponsored two Pueblo Science Volunteers to go to Guyana and share their knowledge with experimental learning tools and science

Important contributions to students also have been funded by our Toronto Association in the form of scholarships to the University of Guyana awarded to Saints graduates with high academic standing but challenged economic means and funds to current students in attendance.  UG Scholarships funded $4000+ USD, Prize Day Awards $3000+ USD, Teacher Christmas Dinner & Bonus, $2500 USD all in 2018.

We encourage these recipients to one day give back when they are able to, just like we are doing now with our alumni, by encouraging you to join the Association!  Come and be a part of this important organization that is committed to furthering education and making a meaningful impact on the lives of students who attend St. Stanislaus College in Guyana.  Your time will make a difference to someone and you will have fun too.

I encourage you to come out to the Meeting to elect the Executive Committee for the 2019-2020 year this September in Scarborough.  

Submit your names to us if you are interested in any position on the Executive Committee and we hope you are!  Kindly see the attached.

Another way to help is to become a member.  As a member of the Association, you can attend meetings, contribute, and have input but don’t have to be on the executive committee.  It’s a great way to meet your old school mates, give back and have fun.  The cost is $25 CDN. for one year of membership and $100 CDN for five years.      Please contact me if you’d like to become a member!  Funds can also be etransferred to:  (Security Question: school  Answer: ststanislaus)  Note:  all lower case.

New members, new ideas and enthusiasm is vital to the ongoing success of the association and will benefit our school and the students now and to come.  We remember our own time there and give back to Saint Stanislaus College in Guyana.

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” – Author Unknown


Amanda King

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