The Caribbean Voice’s Newest Spokesperson:  Gmac Citylock (Garfield Mclean)

A registered tax exempt NGO in the US & Guyana

Contact: The Caribbean Voice at 646-461-0574                          Gmac via Kissandra Fox at 246-834-6148


             Gmac, The Caribbean Voice’s Newest Spokesperson

New York, July 26, 2019: Jamaican reggae and dancehall star, Gmac Citylock (Garfield Mclean) had joined The Caribbean Voice’s (TCV) suicide prevention campaign as a member of our team of spokespersons.

The Caribbean Voice is a not for profit, tax exempt NGO, registered in the US and Guyana, with plans to also register in Canada and Trinidad and Tobago next year. A fully volunteer run entity, TCV is engaged in suicide and abuse prevention in the US, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago, with plans to launch in Canada and Jamaica within the next two years, followed by the rest of the Caribbean down the road.       

From cultural sing-jay, Sizzla to crooners Natty King and Bushman, G-Mac has been embraced by some of the most influential music practitioners.  Some of his is most notable collaborations are with the reggae legend Ken Boothe, in a remix of his hit song “Everything I Own” and three collaborations with Sizzla Kalonji, including the remix of his hit song “Holding Firm” which garnered rave reviews and accolades. Other collaborations include one with Hurricane Chris, the platinum selling rapper in the USA, and another with Junior Reid.

His brand of music spans the gamut from cultural, reality message music to party floor themes and affairs-of-the-heart lovers’ odes. “I am about music that can inspire and elevate, but I am also about fun music that will help people release the stresses of life,” he notes.  In fact, his suicide prevention song, “Love Your Life’ has added another dimension to his music as he seeks to play a critical role in saving lives.

For this particular song, G Mac Citylock worked with Beenie Man and Fido Guido from Italy. The producer of the song is Pablo Morelove Music also from Italy. The song is currently receiving international airplay internationally in Australia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean as efforts are being ramped up to promote suicide prevention.

Gmac joins a number of other media and entertainment stars on TCV’s team of spokespersons including chutney singers Satish Udairam (Guyana/Florida), Natty Ramotar (T&T/Florida), MC Drew P (Guyana/Canada), reggae singer and university lecturer, Jah (George) Dover (Guyana/California), versatile singer Roger Hinds (Guyana), media personalities Lakshmee Singh, Imran Ahmad and Shanaz Hussain (US).

The Caribbean Voice (TCV) work is premised on five pillars:

  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Research, information dissemination and awareness building
  • Training through workshops, seminars and outreaches
  • Counseling interventions
  • Building stakeholders’ collaboration for social activism

The organization’s specific focus are: suicide, gender based violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, elderly abuse and to a lesser extent drugs and alcohol addictions.

Download PDF: Caribbean Voice- Spokesperson Press Release

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