GUYANA SPEAKS: The Role of SUGAR in Guyanese Life – London UK – July 28, 2019

                  SUGAR, RUM and RHYME in Guyanese Life

SUGAR has long been the mainstay of the Guyanese economy. Since the days of the first European colonists sugar cane has played a significant role in Guyanese life. From the scourge of slavery and the production of rum to the euphoric carnival celebrations, sugar, more particularly Demerara sugar, is synonymous with Guyana.

Our distinguished guests will address the issues of SUGAR from three different perspectives.

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SPEAKERS bios:                   

1) Dr. Allyson Stoll is an Historian, Historic Preservationist, and Historical Geographer who researches sugar, land, and labour issues pertaining to her native Guyana and the wider Caribbean. Her latest publication details the promise and pitfalls of intra-Caribbean migration to Guyana (formerly British Guiana) between 1834 and 1838.

Her presentation for Guyana SPEAKS will explore the nuanced place of rum-making in the Guyana sugar industry up to present day.

2) Mikey Pendergast has been working in the drinks industry for over a decade and is a founding member of East London Liquor Company where, amongst other things, he is the company’s official Global Brand Ambassador. East London Liquor Company’s Demerara Rum is made with Guyanese Demerara sugar and then distilled in the world’s last surviving wooden column still. Aged in ex-bourbon casks for three years, this has notes of spicy vanilla.

Mikey’s presentation will focus on importation of Demerara Rum and its distillation. He will be providing samples for tasting.

3) G-String also known in the music industry as Gerry Ranks is a UK-based artist, singer and Calypsonian. Of Guyanese parentage, he is currently a member of the Association of British Calypsonians and a Director of King Shumba Social Enterprise, supporting training and educational developments in the Gambia and the UK. G-String is 2016 UK ABC Calypso Monarch, 2015 ABC Groovy Soca Runner-up, 2015/2016 ABC Calypso King of the Tent, UK Calabash Awards Calypso Artist of the Year 2015/2016.

G String has performed with the likes of Black Stalin, Explainer, D Alberto, Tobago Crusoe, the Might Duke, Allrounder, Valentino, Macromere Fifi, Brown Boy, UK Calypso artists, The Admiral and a vast array of highly ranked Calypsonians.

On the theme of sugar, he will be sharing calypsos with our audience.

We look forward to seeing you.
All the best,
Rod Westmaas & Juanita Cox
Co-Founders: Guyana SPEAKS
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