Gender: What will they think of next? ….tinkering with he, her, and it – By Hubert Williams


  By  Hubert  Williams

Boston, Massachusetts, July  21, 2019 – Modernity is making a mockery of reality and bringing to bear a new type of fiction in an effort to overwhelm fact, as is evidenced in a report on Page A9 of today’s Boston Sunday Globe entitled “Berkeley ousts gender from its books” and sub-titled “California city wants to send message about equality”… and I respond… “ Like hell !!! ”

The Globe informs its readers that in the Californian city of Berkeley “manhole will be replaced with maintenance hole. Sisters and brothers will be replaced with siblings. And he or she will be banished in favor of they, even if referring to one person.”     

Yes, the United States of America has long smarted from the reality of its British heritage, and in so many ways continues (and the Berkeley City Council’s is just the latest) efforts to change the English Language.

The Berkeley City Council, in its unanimous vote, said the decision was intended to send a message about equal chances and representation.

And Council member Lori Droste made the remarkable, seemingly irrelevant point, as quoted in the Globe’s report, that “Your gender has no relevance in whether you can perform work or receive services… Women and non-binary folks are just as entitled to accurate representation.”

However, from my reading of today’s report, it seems more a matter of nomenclature than who can perform what task or receive what level of respect and remuneration.

WOW, Berkeley  !!!  What will they think of  next ???  Anyone named Roberta should be renamed Robert… Anyone named Josephina should be renamed Joseph… Anyone named Rihanna should be renamed Ryan… anyone named Victoria should be renamed Victor… and so on and so forth… which is to say that all names should be unisex – no differentiation as between male and female.

As children used to exclaim in Guyana years ago when we refused to be beguiled by some idiotic statement “Tell That To The Marines !!!”

Some observers might even contend that Fashion long ago set out to challenge traditionalism by creating remarkably suitable and attractive designs for women from what had traditionally been men’s wear.

Some observers might even ask… why must assimilation and crossing-over be only by the gay and lesbian segments of our societies ?

They might well contend that if the Berkeley solution to what is a global phenomenon receives wide parochial support, it might well be adopted elsewhere in California, then throughout the United States of America, and, later, globally, for there is universal consciousness within women’s rights organizations about the matters the council’s move seeks to address.

Though, as I intimated at the beginning, I would think that the challenges in managing a major American city like Berkeley – as well as the expectations of its population – are much too considerable for the Council to be expending valuable time tinkering with he, her, and it.

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