USA: Immigrant communities paralyzed by fear of impending ICE raids

Mayors in major cities have pledged to support those targeted by Sunday’s ‘enforcement operations’ by the Depart of Homeland Security: ICE Agency

“Bananas, milk and bread,” CG lists off, remembering what she told him, “Because who knows when we’ll leave the house.”

Those raids were later postponed in June. But now they are back and scheduled to begin on Sunday and CG, who is undocumented and asked to be identified by her initials out of a fear of the authorities, is afraid again.


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  • Trevor  On July 14, 2019 at 1:09 pm

    Anti-immigrant sentiment is widespread across USA and Canada, and many parts of Europe.

    But now as Guyana has discovered oil, those who enact anti-immigrant sentiment are flocking to CJIA in droves for a piece of the pie.

    A mixed-race Indo Guyanese told me that lots of bigots, even in Canada, assume that he is from Arabia or Iran/Afghanistan and the -stan countries, with some whites accusing him of being Islamic and should go back to “the desert”.

    He has been angry in the way we spoke on Skype, but I feel his pain, being called names and being accused of living in countries in the Middle East and Asia. Aside from that, he only says with sudden laughter, that the good thing is that Muslim women from Arabia flirt with him, and the Muslim mothers would treat him as if he was their son.

    But those who say such poisonous words are coming here, to GT, in droves for the oil.

    What I can agree with the mixed-race Indo Guyanese is that the Economic Freedom Fighters in SA and Mugabe in Zimbabwe have a point in complaining that over 95% of the farmland in SA and Zimbabwe are owned by whites, but whites only make 5% of the population.

    The whites in SA also went to the USA to spread anti-black racism through racist groups.

    Trump even supported the oppressive white SA farmers, and accused the non-whites of “white genocide”, which is the way a white racist views themselves as the victim.

  • Trevor  On July 14, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Why do whites think that the world is their oasis, and that they could invade countries and steal resources?

    When South Africans tell the racist Dutch farmers to return the land they stole, that is “white genocide” though, President Trump!

    Trump is telling my American sisters to “go back to where they came from”. Racist President!

    What are you White AmeriKKKans doing in GT? Lots of white people here flocking like bees to GT for the oil, but what do we, Guyanese get? Strife, corruption and forced to migrate to those racist countries, who will then tell us to go back to where we came from!

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