UG: University of Guyana: Call for Papers: Teaching Conference – October 3-4, 2019


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  • Dr Nat Khublall  On 07/08/2019 at 7:16 am

    Your thematic areas are too wide. It seems that almost everything is covered in higher education. The conference should be confined to a small area whereby an in-depth study in various aspects of a narrow area can be presented by the participants of papers. I was involved as a sub editor at the University of Oxford many years ago in a high-powered symposium. The theme of the conference was limited to expropriation of land, and the papers presented did provide enough materials for two large bound volumes of the papers presented. I was also the chairman of the Asian papers.
    I am the author of 26 books, including Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. I have half dozen qualifications, including a higher doctorate degree (DSc).
    Dr NAT Khublall, former professor, barrister, land economist and Chartered Surveyor

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