Health: We are making ourselves ill – By Adam Harris

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  • kamtanblog  On 06/24/2019 at 2:23 am

    We are what we eat drink “consume”
    with daily dosage of exercise “activity”
    ..physical and mental remedy for a
    healthier longer life !
    The witch doctor used us as guinea pigs
    now it is the drug cartels.
    Agree with the above 100%


  • wally n  On 06/24/2019 at 11:25 am

    My Doctor [Ex] said basically the same thing. We came from place where we ate unknowingly a really good and balanced diet, walked, rode bikes, that was daily exercise, then when we arrived in N A did a complete one eighty.
    He told me he did grow up in a similar situation, he was Mexican, did not smoke or drink, also a marathoner, did five km. every day, every day. I told him I don’t smoke, but I love a good beer, and I played table tennis three times a week, incidentally with eighty and ninety year old Chinese men and women.
    I got to know him a little better, and I remember him saying with all the precaution sometimes the DNA comes and kicks you in the ass, it stuck in the back of my mind.
    Three years ago during my annual, he asked me how was my tennis, I said Table Tennis, he answered, yes, Table tennis sorry, later in the check up he again asked me about my tennis. It struck me as strange, then, later I was telling daughter and she said, there were whispers that he might be having the early stages of Alzheimer, which turned out to be true, my family were affected by the loss he was our doctor for many years, worse, I was ten years older than he was.
    Just have to keep on keeping on

  • Trevor  On 06/24/2019 at 11:06 pm

    American activists claim that the sweetener used in many foods are GMO high fructose corn syrup, and not cane sugar. This does something adverse to the blood sugar, but then again, the GMO companies censor such research.

    GMOs are being promoted here as a health food by Monsanto, but certain anti-PPP blogs had to make it clear that GMOs are considered unhealthy that Russia, the EU and several pan-Asian countries have banned GMO foods.

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