Guyana Police Corruption: Seniors reportedly hunting for whistle-blowers

Corruption in the police force Seniors reportedly hunting for whistle-blowing ranks …Alleged corrupt cop “reverted” to uniform, transferred

Photo: Tough times for Berbice police: President David Granger with Deputy Commander, Paul Williams; top cop, Leslie James (2nd l), Deputy Commissioner, Nigel Hoppie, and Crime Chief, Lyndon Alves (right).

Shivgobin was shot dead in Black Bush Polder, a few weeks ago.

However, it should be noted that the GPF itself and the seniors of ‘B’ Division have not confirmed whether there is an investigation currently ongoing into the allegations.

While the call is to have an independent investigation (not the GPF conducting it), there has been no response to what is being alleged by the informing ranks.

This publication also understands that two other ranks (Detective Constables) who were not fingered in any of the corruption allegations made by their fellow colleagues, were also reverted and transferred. It is unclear whether their transfers are connected to the issue at hand.

According to a police source, he was told that the two detective constables transferred were suspected to be “the whistleblowers”. They however, are not.

The source disclosed, “Dem trying to find who talking to the media.” The other ranks whom “the whistleblowers” mentioned that are allegedly involved in corrupt activities are “still stationed where they are”.

Pressure continues to mount at the helm of the GPF. President David Granger and the Public Security Minister are being asked to intervene and order an independent investigation into the allegations made by several ranks of the force.

While many have indicated that what were published are facts, they are scared to come forward and speak out. A few of them took the chance a week ago.

They approached the press and revealed some shocking details of the activities their fellow colleagues are involved in.

They revealed that a senior officer attached to Headquarters, Georgetown is also at the center of corrupt acts. As such, they believe that that the matter should not be investigated by the police (see previous articles for details).
Stakeholders and Regional officials in Berbice have all expressed concern over the brewing situation. They were in high praise of the ranks that came forward. They too called for an independent probe.

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  • Manny  On June 19, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Most definitely this disclosure needs to be fully investigated and by an outside body. It’s the only way to get to the bottom of these revelations and root out the corruption. It’s important that a country have a police force that is trust worthy and one that serves and protects it’s citizens. This corruption has been going on for over 20 years but nothing was done to stop it. Not surprised though when so many of the members of the previous government were stealing right, left and center.

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