Food for the Poor celebrates 28 years of charitable work in Guyana

  Jun 10, 2019  News

Since its establishment some 28 years ago, Food for the Poor (FFTP) Guyana Incorporated has been responsible for building hundreds of homes, distributing food, medical and essential supplies, and providing scholarships to those in need. This was disclosed by the FFTP CEO, Kent Vincent, when the organization held its annual anniversary dinner recently at the Pegasus Hotel.
FFTP commenced operations on June 3, 1991 in Kingston, Georgetown, before moving to 248 Forshaw and Oronoque Streets, Queenstown.

Because of the great need of essential services for the population, it quickly expanded and is today located at 1999-2002 Blue Mountain Road, Festival City, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown. 

CEO Paul Chan-a-Sue

Speaking at the event, Vincent promised that the organization will continue giving to the poor and needy. Though he admitted that FFTP has faced many challenges over the years, Vincent said that by the grace of God and hard work it has continued to overcome these and grow.

He said, “Times are changing and although there is supposed to be an oil boom in a few years, Jesus said we will always have the poor and we can see this as we look at every supposed developed country.”

According to him, FFTP stands out as one of the largest and most dependable charitable organizations in the country. Adding to what Vincent said was Chairman of the Board, Paul Chan-a-Sue, who gave a synopsis of some of the charitable works the organization executed last year.
He said that last year, FFTP was building around 30 houses per month. However, this was reduced to 13 houses per month due to a lack in finances, Chan-a-Sue pointed out.

He spoke briefly on the organizations Angels of Hope programme which is primarily for children who live in orphanages. He said that the children would write letters of what they want and would be sponsored by donors in the United States of America. A monthly supply of food, clothing, toiletries and school supplies are donated to the homes.

He said that the agency is always in need of donations to carry out its operations. Since its existence, he said that FFTP has been working closely with church groups, schools, Government and non-governmental organization.

According to him, FFTP has also paid the fines to secure the release of persons who have been convicted of non-violent crimes. He said that this is done twice a year—at Easter and Christmas time.

He added, “These persons are not repeat offenders. They have never been to jail before and they are quite happy and surprised when we come to release them. And we gave them a nice hamper and travelling money to go back to their families.”

Usually, most of the organization’s funding is received from donations and fund raising activities such as raffles, take away lunch, cake sales, corn houses, and its annual fundraising dinner.


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