Guyana Tourism: Sloth Island Nature Resort – one of Guyana’s best kept secrets

 Guyana Tourism:  Apr 29, 2019  News

Earliest inhabitants of Sloth Island

Nestled on 160 acres of pristine rainforest in the Essequibo River, Sloth Island is the ideal place for visitors who want a glimpse at nature uninhibited. The spot which provides a wide array of birds and wildlife is one of nature‘s best kept secrets. According to its developer, Raphael Ades, the island was once a neglected, uninhabited paradise.         

“It was an abandoned Island inhabited by mostly monkeys and sloths, hence the name Sloth Island. When I decided to invest in the resort I learnt that most of the islands floods in the high tide but I saw the potential of the destination becoming an eco- tourism spot.” Ades said.

As such, the bird watcher and enthusiastic entrepreneur dedicated the last 20 years to developing and building up portions of the swampy destination and transforming it into a preferred eco- tourist destination.

It‘s original facilities were traditional buildings constructed by Indigenous Guyanese. That has since morphed into a three-level modern facility which overlooks the Essequibo River and is surrounded by 155 acres of unchanged vegetation.

“It’s a small guest house which basically caters to holiday makers and like-minded nature lovers and wildlife viewers. Most of our visitors come on weekends. We have been patronized by both visitors and locals alike,” he added.

Among the main attractions on Sloth island, eco- tourists can indulge in their favourite past times of bird watching, nature walks on canopy, wildlife viewing, swimming, canoeing, fishing or just relaxing in a hammock in the shade of the trees.a has catapulted Sloth Island onto the international bird watching calendar.

A few of the recent visitors

According to a visitor’s review posted on the tourism website Things Guyana, Sloth Island is indeed a beautiful place to get away and relax with family or even for a romantic date.

“You can spot unusual birds, listen to the sounds of the forest, familiarize yourself with the reserve and also enjoy a good book from the library. If you don’t feel like doing much you can cozy up in a hammock in the shade of the trees, but if a nature walk or swim or paddling in the water trail is what you desire, the staff will be delighted to assist. Whatever you choose, you are bound to enjoy nature at its best.”

According to the review, from the Island one can access exciting excursions to the Indigenous village of Falmouth, the town of Bartica, Fort Kyk-Over-Al (oldest Dutch Fort in Guyana), Baracara Waterfalls, and the rapids of Marshall Falls, Parrot Island (night refuge for thousands of parrots), Eddy Grant’s Island (world famous singing superstar) and many Indigenous settlements. It is also close to the gold mining areas of Groote Creek, Blue Mountain, Puruni, Oko and Omai.

Sloth Island is to be reached by boat from Parika (one hour) or by plane to Bartica (15 minutes) from Georgetown, and five minutes by boat from Bartica.

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