Making Others Happy is Super-happiness! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Stabroek Market Square. Georgetown Guyana

Imagine if Stabroek Market Square in Guyana is converted into big tent on Sundays. The traffic comes to a standstill and there are concerts, food, fashion and music that reflect the culture of the population. Imagine if these Sunday celebrations were done throughout the country the impact it would have on the sense of well-being.

How about relocating the Georgetown Prisons and use the space to build a Jagan-Burnham Park for all to enjoy? We could sit in the Walter Rodney Pavilion and celebrate the talents of the nation. Who needs a prison in the middle of a city?

Why stop in Guyana? Imagine further if the public squares in other countries became a meeting place for a grand celebration the difference it would make to our collective happiness. Music, food, dance, relaxation, sharing and spending time with each other may not cure poverty. But they may contribute to a renewal, a togetherness that is so desperately lacking in many societies.

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