Nuff, Nuff Breeze but Kite Nah Fly – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Nuff, Nuff Breeze but Kite Nah Fly – by Francis Quamina Farrier
Most Elders can recall some of the little things they saw or heard as pre-teens and teenagers! As we celebrate Easter 2019, I can recall an early Easter experience of mine. It occurred on the Georgetown Seawall beach at the Camp street section. My two brothers, our older first cousin Neville and I, had gone there to raise our kites.
As the Easter tradition in British Guiana/Guyana, that Georgetown seawall beach was packed to capacity on that Easter Monday, with hundreds vying for a special space to raise their kites; from the humble kaddie-old-punch to the glamorous star-point, the beautiful singing-engine to the dancing box-kite and the imposing large ones; all types. Back then, every kite flying on the Georgetown seawall was, “Made in British Guiana”. No imported kites were ever seen.

On that long-gone Easter Monday mentioned, some conflict blew in to my group; the Farrier brothers and their first cousin Neville. A bully was targeting us for our space on the beach. That was a long time before Gabby of Barbados composed his very popular calypso with lyrics that include, “This beach belong to me.” The aggressor was a tough fellow who the Farrier brothers conceded would wallop all three of us at the very same time. However, our cousin Neville who was a little older than us, though not anything near the size of the aggressor, who was built like a ten ton truck, took him on and beat the crap out of him in minutes, as some onlookers cheered.

Meanwhile, there was a strong breeze blowing from across the Atlantic ocean, from the north-east, lifting kites of all designs and sizes. But there was a fellow nearby who just couldn’t get his kite to lift off from the beach. As we all know, a kite is made to fly, especially when there is a nice strong breeze. Unfortunately, some kites are poorly designed or the loop is not properly set, or the tail is either too long or too short, and as such the kite just won’t function as desired and expected – like the constitution of some countries. So no matter how much breeze is blowing, that sub-standard kite will zip and zap, and plummet right back to the ground. It is flawed and should either be scrapped entirely or restructured in part.

For a kite to be raised, and immediately take to the sky, it must have been well-made with suitable material, a proper loop and a tail of the correct length. Referring to the kite tail, there were some kite flyers who are wicked in their ways. They would insert razor blades into their kite tails and operate their kites in such a way, that the tail would come into contact with the twine of another kite and cut it, resulting in that unfortunate kite to become detached from the kite line and simply sail away like a balloon, into the distance. That action by the wicked flyer and the victim, sometimes result in fist-fights. Those were the days when people never took weapons around with them to plunge into the bodies of others at the drop of a hat, the loosing of an argument or the falling of a kite. Fists were the weapons of choice.

Kites are made to be flown and give pleasure to the flyer and to spectators. So, have you ever flown a kite in peace with yourself and friends in harmony, somewhere in a quiet place, away from the maddening crowd, and from electrical wires? Could you consider our Cooperative Republic of Guyana, which has few Coop Societies, as a kite struggling to get off the ground even though there are strong breezes such as Gold, Diamonds, Manganese, Bauxite, Timber, Rice, Sugar, Fruits galore, Fish in abundance, Ground Provisions and Excellent Weather, and coming on the horizon, “Just off the Atlantic”, as Hilton Hemerding sings in his patriotic song “Beautiful Guyana”, OIL and GAS galore.

Guyana also can boast of having some of the most brilliant people on the planet. You might ask yourself, “Why is it that Kite Guyana is just a few feet off the ground instead of soaring way up in the blue sky? Is it because of a land breeze blowing in the wrong direction in the form of Criminal activities at all levels in our society? Also there is selfishness in many areas of the beach in which bullies attack others who they feel that they can suppress and oppress? Is it a typhoon type breeze from abroad ripping the Kite Guyana into shreds?

Looking back some seventy years to my Easter Monday experience mentioned earlier, I still vividly remember my first cousin Neville, taking on that big bully and beating him to a pulp. Neville flew away at age 80. I can’t inform you of the life span of that Easter Monday Kite flying Bully. But this I know, Kite Guyana, small though it is, is taking on the bully to the west, as all Guyanese patriots sing along with Dave Martins, “Not a Blade of Grass”.

Tomorrow is Easter Monday, and many families – Fathers, Mothers and their children – will go kite flying. And so, as the song in the Musical “Mary Poppins” states, “Let’s go fly a Kite”. However, make sure that you do so away from electrical wires. Let’s hope that there is nuff, nuff breeze tomorrow and your kite, no matter what size and design, will take to the sky in glory.

HAPPY EASTER to one and all.

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  • Clyde Duncan  On 04/21/2019 at 12:37 am

    I honestly do not remember any time that there was not nuff – nuff Breeze on the Seawall in Georgetown.

    Happy Easter – Happy Kite Flying Weekend, Guyana

  • wally n  On 04/21/2019 at 3:08 pm

    As a kid my brother and I went to a wedding in Buxton on Easter Monday. One of the younger relatives of the bride took us to fly his kite in a large field with many other kite flyers.
    My brother suggested to the kid he should try adding a razor blade to the tail, I wanted no part of that, but my brother said, country people no problem, forget about it.
    They added the razor blade, took down another kid’s kite, was funny, the next kite they took down belonged to a giant of a kid, he punched the crap out of both of them, that was even funnier.
    Most of my kite flying was in Kitty we always went early, and had to wait for breeze, which always came, and always powerful.
    Enjoyed the article brought back some great memories, off topic, up to today, I am
    amazed no has not made millions with “glamma cherry”

  • Clyde Duncan  On 04/21/2019 at 6:29 pm

    Grafton from Barbados wrote:

    This article brought back a lot of memories as I used to make kites – several varieties. Close to our home we had a clear panoramic view and area of > 90 degrees overlooking a hill on which to fly our kites.

    Some of our fliers used to put their kites up about 7 in the morning and take them down about 5 in the evening. Some of the twines were so long that a large kite looked very small in the distance. And a singing angel could be set to provide several different sounds at the same time.

    With regard to not enough breeze, try this old joke. “We used to have two windmills on our property but there was not enough wind for two so we had to take one down.”

    Happy Easter.


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