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Guyana Office for Investment – SIAL 2019 Booth #124 – Toronto – April 30- May 02, 2019

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Georgetown: City Council Taxes Arrears is a massive problem – By Freddie Kissoon

City Council taxes: This nation is a cemetery

The more you live here you more you find this country obnoxious and surreal. The more you live here, the more the existence of this society torments your mind and you want to know if in the international community of nations, we are not the number one country for having no logical reason to exist.

Civilized society remains civilized because it is run by the rule of law. When humans disregard the rule of law and they do so with impunity, you no longer have law and order and breakdown is inevitable.

In every country, the rule of law stands between beastly descent and modern life. This pattern does not seem to exist in Guyana. I predict early collapse of this society if fragility of the rule of law gets worse.    Continue reading

Guyana History: The Village Movement: A Significant Afro Guyanese Achievement – By Cecilia McAlmont

Remembering the Village Movement: 
– By Cecilia McAlmont – Stabroek News – September 29, 2005

On August 1 every year for the past one hundred and seventy-plus years, Guyanese, but especially Guyanese of African descent together with their counterparts in the rest of the English speaking Caribbean, celebrate the end of chattel slavery. However, it was to be four more years of semi-slavery, known as apprenticeship, before they were truly free.

The end of apprenticeship ushered in what could easily be regarded as the most significant decade of Afro Guyanese achievement. The purpose of this article is to remember that achievement and to narrate how it happened particularly for the benefit of our uniformed young men and women.

Caribbean historians describe the village movement and the rise of the black peasantry in British Guiana and elsewhere as a continuation and an extension of the struggle and resistance against the domination and the exploitation of the planters. In British Guiana as elsewhere that resistance had taken place throughout the period of slavery.

READ MORE: Remembering the Village Movement – By Cecilia McAlmont

No place for vanilla politics in today’s America – By Mohamed Hamaludin

No place for vanilla politics in today’s America


Former President Barack Obama recently offered his most significant advice yet to the Democratic Party. Answering questions at an Obama Foundation town hall in Berlin on Saturday, he said, “One of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States… is a certain kind of rigidity where we say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, this is how it’s going to be.’ And then we start sometimes creating what’s called a ‘circular firing squad’ where you start shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity on the issues.”

That message was actually for the democratic socialists and their agenda that includes New York Rep. Alexandria Occasion-Cortez’s Green New Deal and Medicare for all.        Continue reading

Airlines: JetBlue will service the Guyana- New York route, early 2020

JetBlue coming to Guyana 

Guyana Chronicle – April 11, 2019

AMERICAN carrier JetBlue is expected to add Guyana to its international routes in early 2020.

Reports are that company executives discussed several routes with which the airline will be establishing itself in the months ahead and, on Wednesday, JetBlue officials discussed the lucrative nature of the Guyana-New York route.

JetBlue sources told Guyana Chronicle that officials are brainstorming the type of aircraft to service this route.        Continue reading

St. Stanislaus College Alumni – Toronto – CARIBJAM DANCE – August 2. 2019

Guyana Politics: PPPC’s Irfaan Ali: “I’m an honest candidate”… he says at press conference

PPPC’s Irfaan Ali: ”I am very comfortable with my qualifications.”

PPPC Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali flanked by Kwame McCoy and Joseph Hamilton

People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali continues to maintain that his academic credentials are above board, telling reporters on Thursday, April 11, 2019… “I’m an honest candidate. …I am very comfortable with my qualifications.”

However, he provided few details including whether he used a suspicious paper from a virtually unheard of West Coast Demerara institution to register for his first Master’s Degree in India. He was asked specifically to state the baseline qualification he had used to pursue that degree.

Ali refused to answer the question and when he was told so, news conference moderator Kwame McCoy interjected saying “Excuse me, Mr. Ali has answered the question in the way he wishes to answer. I will now ask us to move on.”      Continue reading

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