Guyana Politics: US urges peaceful reaction to CCJ rulings on no-confidence vote

Guyana: US Ambassador Sara Ann Lynch

New US ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch, has urged Guyana to have a “peaceful” reaction to the impending ruling at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on the no-confidence vote which triggered early elections.

In her first interview with the country’s newspapers, Lynch declined to speculate on the likely outcome.

One thing is clear…the US embassy stands steadfast…firm in respect for democratic institutions, and democratic processes, she stressed.           

According to the ambassador, she has been heartened in just over a month in Guyana.

“The political leaders that I have discussed this issue with, both in the current government…in the Opposition, and other political parties also indicated that they would respect this ruling and there will be a peaceful reaction to it,” she said.

The official, said to be only the second female US ambassador to Guyana, would come at a testing time…when Guyana is about to start producing oil commercially and when the country is facing fallouts from a unprecedented no-confidence vote that was carried on the evening of December 21.

“So I am hopeful that will happen and that all political parties and citizens will react in a peaceful way,” she urged.
The diplomatic community has been nervous over what has been a testing period for Guyana.

In recent months, businesses have been complaining of falling revenues, a claim that Government says may not be so true.

According to the ambassador, while she was unable to provide immediate figures, there has been steady request by US companies on investing in Guyana, a positive sign.

The no-confidence motion has divided the nation with the government insisting that the vote was illegal as the parliamentarian, Charrandass Persaud was sitting illegal in the National Assembly at that time of the vote.

The government took the matter to court. The High Court ruled that no person with dual citizenship can sit in the National Assembly and that the vote was carried, properly.

However, the Court of Appeal recently deemed the vote needed a greater majority.

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