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The monumental changes that Kaieteur News brought – By Adam Harris

Things are not always what they seem. On Thursday, the publisher of Kaieteur News hosted a gala to mark the occasion of the newspaper’s 25th Anniversary and the launching of Kaieteur Radio. The venue was the Pegasus. The event attracted friends, advertisers, staff members, and of course, relatives and family members of the publisher.

The smiles were there for all to see; everything seemed grand as indeed it was. But it was not all that it seemed. Glenn Lall was like an expectant mother experiencing labour pains. He could not stay still. He wanted everything to be spot on.

The programme got underway and he began to relax. I was sitting next to him at the head table and I could literally feel him relax. The programme continued and Glenn Lall the man emerged. I felt his shoulders shaking. He was crying.    Continue reading

How the World Sees Brexit: A Shambles on Which the Sun Never Sets – Commentary

Rapt observers around the globe are confused, amused and saddened by a crisis that has torn Britain’s reputation for stability to shreds

Jon Henley and Guardian UK correspondents

A New York Times columnist believes the UK “has gone mad”. A Russian TV host asked, How can Britain fail so spectacularly “to correlate its capabilities with reality”? In Australia, they seeit’s like “watching a loved grandparent in physical and mental decline”.

From China to Israel and Russia to Brazil, a world well beyond Europe is watching Britain’s Brexit bedlam with sorrow, bafflement and amusement – and, in those parts of the globe once told that Rule Britannia meant order, stability and shared long-term prosperity, not a little schadenfreude.

“If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t come to London right now, because there is political farce everywhere,” wrote the New York Times commentator Thomas Friedman. “In truth, though, it’s not very funny. It’s actually tragic.”           Continue reading

Quebec’s Bill 21: Secularism and Antagonism – By Yvonne Sam

Quebec’s Bill 21:   Secularism and Antagonism

  By Yvonne Sam

The province’s notion of inclusion is turning into a mere delusion.

The leader of the American civil rights movement and Baptist minister, Martin Luther King Jr. once said: “Nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”  Currently Quebec is lending truth to the statement as the government and the people become enmeshed in the brouhaha surrounding religious symbols. The act and its accompanying fact were clearly spelt out in the CAQ’s campaign promises. Now everyone is beginning to shout as the Premier shows what he is all about. First the say and now the play.

On October 1, 2018 the Coalition Avenir Quebec under the leadership of Francois Legault was swept into power with a majority government, due in large part to strong support from the predominantly francophone regions of Quebec and a Liberal base that stayed home. New records were set for the lowest share of the vote ever registered by either the Liberals or the Parti Québécois. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/grenier-quebec-results-1.4846595.                    Continue reading

The view from Europe: Developing the skills that tourism requires – By David Jessop

David Jessop

By David Jessop

In almost every country in the Caribbean, tourism has been transformative.

As an economic driver, it has primarily outpaced other sectors to the extent that in much of the region the industry now generates the most substantial national share of GDP, delivers significant taxes and foreign exchange, and performs a critical social role as the largest direct and indirect private employer of labour.

Despite this relative success, the industry’s future should not be taken for granted.

While tourism globally is trending upward, recent reports suggest that this is not the likely trajectory for the Caribbean. According to the UN world tourism organisation, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region will by 2030 be experiencing much higher growth rates than the Caribbean.

This suggests that the region will always need to update its product, reflect changing demand and trends, and deliver quality and value for money while addressing environmental, social, economic and infrastructural challenges.  Continue reading

BLOSSOMS OF GUYANA – Kite Flying Family Fun Day – Latham, MD. USA – May 11, 2019

      BLOSSOMS OF GUYANA: https://blossomsofguyana.org/

              9023 Walkerton Dr, Lanham, MD 20706, USA

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