Does Guyana need politicians? – Dr. Yesu Persaud

Does Guyana need politicians? – Dr. Yesu Persaud

Dr. Yesu Persaud

Philanthropist and businessman, Dr. Yesu Persaud, has made an impassioned plea to Guyanese to put aside tribalisms and other differences, in the interest of being “one people, one nation, one destiny”

He was, at the time, delivering an address at the Pegasus Hotel on Thursday evening, during a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of Kaieteur News being in existence, as well as the launch of the publication’s new media outlet, Kaieteur Radio. The event was attended by speakers who spoke of Guyana’s currently uncertain political climate, the prospect of elections, and the plight of the working class.

Strikingly, no politicians were present at the ceremony. Dr. Persaud took the opportunity to question, “What are [politicians] really doing for you, the people?”   

He said that, instead of depending on politicians, the Guyanese public should shoulder the burden of making the nation a better one for future generations.

“Do you need politicians?” he asked, “All those children here, and yet to come, we owe them a responsibility – a responsibility of providing to ensure this country develops.”

The philanthropist said spoke of how Guyana’s wealth pales against the abundance of resources that the country possesses. He said, “Of all the developing countries, I believe Guyana must be the least developed with all these resources we have.”

He cautioned the audience to be skeptical of the promise of wealth from the country’s budding oil and gas sector.
“You’re hearing of these trillions of dollars to come from the oil rush. [We need to ask] how it’s going to be used. Will the people participate?”

Dr. Persaud told the audience, at this junction, “Open your hearts and your pockets, and lend a hand. I appeal to you, please. Let’s look at Guyana as a country that belongs to all of us. Not a segment or Africans, Indians, Portuguese, Amerindians. We’re supposed to be one people, one nation, one destiny. Let’s do it.”

Dr. Persaud has received several international and national awards, and has been recognized for his contributions to business, Indian history and culture. He is credited with contributing to the restoration and maintenance of democracy in Guyana.

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  • Dr Nat Khublall  On 04/08/2019 at 1:09 pm

    A commendable speech which no doubt has a great deal of merits. The Public should learn something from it.
    Dr Nat Khublall

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