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U.S. Diplomats Push for Business Climate Change in Guyana

 The Trump administration is all about forcing open overseas markets for U.S. businesses.

Guyana;s Oil Boom

With the oil giant ExxonMobil preparing to drill and export oil off the coast of Guyana, U.S. diplomats are working to empower U.S. businesses to develop industries in the small South American country, where an anticipated oil boom is expected to generate unprecedented profits.

According to the State Department’s 2018 Investment Climate Statement, Guyana is becoming an attractive location for international investors. Future drilling by ExxonMobil “would generate billions in revenue for the country and could potentially transform the social, political, and economic landscape,” the State Department reported.

Given the anticipated oil boom, many investors hope to ride a wave of oil and oil-related wealth to newfound riches. “Foreign investment is likely to greatly increase in the coming years,” U.S. Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch recently commented. “Guyana has vast untapped resources, so the potential is enormous.”            Continue reading

Guyana Institute of Historical Research – GIHR – Online Newsletter – April 2019

            DOWNLOAD: GIHR Online Newsletter – April 2019

History: Churchill, the Greatest Briton, Hated Gandhi, the Greatest Indian

Churchill, the Greatest Briton, Hated Gandhi, the Greatest Indian

Mahatma Gandhi – 1931

Within his homeland, Winston Churchill’s colossal contribution to saving his people from Hitler eclipses all else, and he is widely regarded as the greatest Briton of all time. So it came as something of a surprise when a senior Labour Party politician recently described him as a “villain” for having ordered troops to fire on striking workers in the Welsh town of Tonypandy in 1910. The claim provoked vigorous denunciations from prominent politicians, as well as more sober reflections in op-ed pages. When the dust settles, as it soon must, Churchill will revert to being the figure of sanctity that he has always been.


Does Guyana need politicians? – Dr. Yesu Persaud

Does Guyana need politicians? – Dr. Yesu Persaud

Dr. Yesu Persaud

Philanthropist and businessman, Dr. Yesu Persaud, has made an impassioned plea to Guyanese to put aside tribalisms and other differences, in the interest of being “one people, one nation, one destiny”

He was, at the time, delivering an address at the Pegasus Hotel on Thursday evening, during a ceremony commemorating the 25th anniversary of Kaieteur News being in existence, as well as the launch of the publication’s new media outlet, Kaieteur Radio. The event was attended by speakers who spoke of Guyana’s currently uncertain political climate, the prospect of elections, and the plight of the working class.

Strikingly, no politicians were present at the ceremony. Dr. Persaud took the opportunity to question, “What are [politicians] really doing for you, the people?”    Continue reading

COMEDY: George Carlin Talks About “Stuff”

COMEDY: George Carlin Talks About “Stuff”

George Carlin’s classic stand-up routine about the importance of ‘Stuff’ in our lives. This was from his appearance at Comic Relief in 1986. — Farewell George 1937-2008

Apollo Legends Singing at the Apollo Hall of Fame – Parts 1 and 2

Published on Feb 14, 2012
Apollo Legends Singing at the Apollo Hall of Fame – Part 1
Chuck Jackson “Any Day Now”,
Ben E. King “Under The Boardwalk”,
Rev. Al Green “Lets Stay Together”,
Teddy Pendergrass “Close The Door”

Apollo Legends Singing at the Apollo Hall of Fame-Part 2

Eusi Kwayana (94)… is a priceless gift to Guyana, the Caribbean and humanity – By David Hinds

Eusi Kwayana – 2014

OPINION: Demerara Waves – April 6, 2019  – By David Hinds

This past week, one of the architects of our relatively young nation, Eusi Kwayana, celebrated his 94th birthday. Kwayana, by any measure, is a rare human being—a priceless gift to humanity. I use this occasion to remind Guyana that we have given this remarkable gift to ourselves and the world.

As a Caribbean civilization, we are not known for powerful armies, rich economies and high skyscrapers, but our contribution to world civilization has been mostly in the form of what another Caribbean treasure, Rex Nettleford, calls the creative intellect and creative imagination. It says something beyond the ordinary that these former colonial outposts could in the fields of art, sports, political economy and academia produce men and women of the highest caliber who sit and stand among the best of what humanity has produced.    Continue reading

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