Kaieteur Radio is officially on air- new era for media house

Kaieteur Radio: Launching marks new era for media house

Photo: Onward to the airwaves! From Left: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kaieteur Radio, Mr. Glenn Lall, his wife Mrs. Bhena Lall, GNBA Chairman Leslie Sobers, Teshawna Lall (partly hidden), and GNBA representative Aretha Campbell, look on as the CEO’s granddaughter, Sueria Sanichara, cuts the ribbon. Also in the photo are Mr. Lall’s twin grandsons, Zayne and Zayden Sanichara.

On the occasion of its 25th year as a media house, Kaieteur News, Guyana‘s largest selling daily newspaper, has another reason to celebrate – the launch of its very own radio station.

Kaieteur Radio is officially being broadcast on frequencies 99.1, 99.5 and 99.7 to listeners all across the nation’.   

During a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony at the company’s Lot 24 Saffon Charlestown, headquarters, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kaieteur Radio, Mr. Glenn Lall spoke candidly, on air, about his journey to radio broadcast.

“We are celebrating 25 years of Kaieteur News. For 25 years this newspaper has been providing news, views and information to the nation. These spanned the gamut, from basic reports to reports on corruption, irregularities and skulduggery in high places. In 25 years the newspaper influenced changes in the society and helped to shape the country.”

“Guyanese should not have waited this long for the birth of this Radio Station. The denial of a radio licence (by former President Bharrat Jagdeo) violated our constitutional right to provide and ensure that the public had access to information.”

Mr. Lall said that the discriminatory denial for the licence was therefore an affront to our right to expression, “…a right which was essential to our profession. I wish to make this very clear. In fact, we were more qualified than most of those who were granted.”

The CEO stated further that “We are therefore not establishing this radio station out of financial motives. We are driven by our obligation to expand the right of free expression. Had we been granted a radio licence in 2011, Kaieteur Radio would have been by now the ‘sound of choice’ from the Caribbean all the way to Japan. But, like I always believe, nothing comes before its time.”

According to Lall, the launch of this Radio Station represents a personal triumph.

“I thank the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority, (GNBA) for undoing the historic wrong which was committed against me and the Kaieteur News Family.”
He said that Kaieteur Radio has been in the making for at least one year.
“One year has passed Guyana, since we were granted the licence and people were asking ‘what is holding us up’. I would smile at them and say, “Let us get it right, first.

I believe that if you can’t start off right, don’t start off at all. Hence, today we are cutting the ribbon to officially launch the next craze in Guyana: Kaieteur Radio.”

The newspaper founder noted further that he intends, like it was during the past 25 years with Kaieteur News, to make the venture another success story.
He noted that radio is new to us and we will improve daily – bear with us.

Lall asserted that “Kaieteur Radio will maintain the uncompromising standards of Kaieteur News. We will offer programmes of exceptional and unrivalled quality and will not avoid controversial issues.

The radio station will not commit itself to any political party or any individual personal interest. In a nutshell, this Radio Station will not be anyone’s puppet or mouthpiece. We will be fearless and independent like the Kaieteur News.

This station will be the ‘radio with a difference’. Its programming will be tailored to suit the different audiences across the country from Coast to Coast. Our desire is to take radio to a higher level by demonstrating that we can satisfy all Guyanese via our programmes. Our aim is to bring about an influence that will result in a positive change in our society.”

The Publisher said that Kaieteur Radio will become the nation’s most trustworthy friend –providing the nation with up-to-date news.
“Our focus will be on the News – national, regional and international. We also plan to ventilate views and opinions which will allow for meaningful and constructive discussions on matters of national importance.”

He added, “We will also keep you abreast with developments in sport activities etc. and ensure that you are entertained with music and comedy suitable for all ages.”

“We will encourage diverse opinions and enlightened debates. We will air regular features to which the public has grown accustomed – such as religious programmes, community announcements, death announcements and more.”

He continued “Our main objective is to help build a better Guyana through education, entertainment and information. Kaieteur Radio will be your constant companion at home, on the road and at work. Our service will be 24 hours daily.”

“With the continued backing of our dedicated and hardworking staff of Kaieteur News, my family, the advertisers and more importantly, you our listeners, we can – and will become – the most popular radio station in Guyana and the Caribbean.

I am confident that we will succeed in making an unforgettable imprint in Guyana and around the world. So sit back all day relax all night and enjoy our 24-hour service from the Kaieteur Radio. Once you have tuned in to our channel, as Larry King would say: Don’t touch that dial.”

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  • Chris Prashad  On 04/06/2019 at 9:51 am

    Congratulations Mr. Glen Lall, family and staff. We waited a long time for this to become reality. The truth will always triumph over lies, and good over evil. Finally, a reputable media to enlighten the world of what Guyana is all about and what truly is happening here. Time for the truth to prevail. Much success to all involved in this historic venture. Congratulations again!

  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 04/06/2019 at 3:28 pm

    Congratulations and success to Kaieteur News on their new venture!

  • Emanuel  On 04/06/2019 at 5:15 pm

    Congrats. And take that, Jagdeo! And shame on you for not allowing this to happen sooner.

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