Guyana: Tomb Raiders: A Grave Situation – commentary

I have been to ‘soul’ funerals and see friends of the deceased place beers and malt products into the coffin for the deceased to take with him or her to the afterlife. Little do these persons know that these bottles will explode within the coffin when the tomb is sealed. This is one reason why persons do not place perfume bottles into the encased tombs.

Earlier this year, the tomb of Karl Marx, considered the father of socialism, was vandalized. A plaque bearing the identity of Marx was disfigured. Vandals in Ireland stole the head of a mummified dead in February this year. It was later recovered. It is doubtful if the person or persons who stole that US$300 from the dead recently at No. 66 Village are ever going to return the money. And it should serve as a lesson to persons that they should avoid burying their dead valuable possessions.

But given the superstitious nature of Guyanese you can bet that burying dead with their possessions will continue. Recently, one person was asking whether it was possible to have a WiFi connection in his coffin when he dies so that he can log on to Facebook.

Tomb raiders are on the prowl in Guyana. Not even the dead is safe in this God-forsaken land. No wonder so many people are opting for cremation.

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  • Ian Wishart  On 03/21/2019 at 8:21 am

    I think that for most male Guyanese, a bottle of rum would be the most important item to place in the coffin.

  • wally n  On 03/21/2019 at 7:44 pm

    Many, many, years ago while working on the Leguan/Parika ferry, early evening the sailors after some heavy drinking decided to go into Leguan for something to eat.
    I knew Leguan closed down at night, so I was surprised when they came back happy and obviously satisfied. I was curious, had to ask, where, what?
    They told me, there was a ceremony on the beach earlier, for the departed, and usually a lot of food is left at the site. I was never that hungry, and I never forgot that evening.

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