Govt welcomes opening of Movie Towne Guyana ─ 1,000+ jobs have been created

Cinema-plex Movietowne Guyana

In the coming months, this figure will increase, as businesses within the Movie Towne mall open their doors.

During the official opening of the facility on Thursday evening, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, noted that MovieTowne is poised to be one of the top competitors in Guyana’s entertainment sector.
Minister Gaskin expressed his satisfaction in having this form of investment in Guyana.     

“Good business is what creates jobs and opportunities, generates tax revenues, and provides good services, and experiences that can enhance people’s lives,” he stated.

The décor:  out of this world.

He re-emphasised that the APNU+AFC Government is positioned to cultivate an atmosphere that promotes growth in the business sector.

“Good business requires an enabling environment.”

The Minister of Business also said that even as profit is the ultimate aim, “safe, secure, responsible [and] legitimate” practices are central to the government’s mandate.

“We will see [in Guyana] the emergence of both a stronger private sector and an improved public sector that are better coordinated in their pursuit of common goals”, said Minister Gaskin.

The Movie Towne entertainment mall is set to open its doors to the public on March 19.

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