One question remains… Where is the PPP’s Presidential Candidate? – Commentary

PPP – Irfaan Ali

A great majority of Guyanese have stopped asking one question about the opposition’s presidential candidate: Irfaan Ali.  On the other hand, just about every citizen is intrigued by another question, which seems more relevant to the grand political schemes let loose on this land.

Nobody cares anymore about anything related to: who is he? The generously charitable and clearly partisan have settled for: he is a citizen. As recommendations go, this one is rather pale and lacks any iota of substance; or any ingredient that would keep the conversation going, orthe now distinctly unsettled candidate in the public’s mind

Also, the public has had its fill with the playing of the one record that repeats the chants as to inadequacies. In any elections lottery focused on either quality, or meritocracy, or admirability this one falters; time to get another ticket.

Similarly, it has become noticeable that most could not care less about the authenticity or existence of qualifications, as were tendered. It just does not matter, as Guyanese have taken their measure of the man, and arrived at a certain place. In the interests of tact and kindness, let it be said that it is an undesired and unhappy place for anyone to be, including one’s worst enemy.

Party supporters and clannish loyalists ought to have an extremely difficult time in not joining the bandwagon of the skeptical and dissenting, and the dismissive, too; even if they do so only secretly and most carefully. After all, this is in the best traditions of all for one, and one for all. But the question as to who and what the candidate is about, is now considered moot, and passé; perhaps, altogether indecorous in good company, or as part of any good cocktail hour conversation.

In the next instance, the pertinent question that would not go away is this: where is the man of the season? It just would not die or fade away, and probing minds want to know, if only for the suspense of it. There has been some belated defensive posturing by the faithful that he is out there and over there; but those advocacies fall flat and only stoke the embers of skepticism into a more furious frenzy. Because at this electrifying juncture of swirling contentious debates about calendar, courts, and constitution, and as they figure in an increasingly sharp elections contest, the candidate is conspicuously absent.

It is possible, that he is travelling incognito and is working on a secret mission to drum up a favourable voter surprise come elections time.

Regardless of the reasons, and notwithstanding the shaky defences offered, the opposition presidential candidate needs to be out there in the midst of the electorate and making some attempt to market himself and the attributes of his candidacy. He should be seen mixing it up with political adversaries, and leading the charge in one foray after another on the disputed issues of the day.

His party may be reluctant to take such dangerous risks; but the electorate and the nation are due some inkling as to the mettle of the man; as well as the calibre of his nerves, character, and whatever values he may wish to put on display for public examination and comment.

All voters, including the most insensitive and uncaring, know that this election is going to be mighty close. It would be comforting to know something about the candidate. Anything.

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  • Linda  On March 13, 2019 at 9:15 am

    This election cannot be close unless the PPP supporters vote along the lines of race, regardless of how untrustworthy this Ali character is. That would be a very sad day for Guyana…..more of the same!!! If Jagdeo is serious about “taking back the country” as he’s stated, then he needs to find a replacement for Ali as soon as possible and stop playing games. Guyana’s fate hangs in the balance.

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