New Book: “Guyanese Canadian kidnapped in China” – By Dave Rohee

“Guyanese Canadian kidnapped in China” – By Dave Rohee

Kidnapped is the true story of an international kidnapping event that took place in China in 2001. This terrifying incident happened to a Canadian businessman trying to develop an aviation business in a foreign country. Unknown to him at the time, the country he chose was considered the worse place for a foreigner to try and start a business.

This story is the hair-raising account of the kidnapping and its eventual outcome. There were several international law enforcement agencies involved with tracking down the perpetrators. These agencies worked diligently to find the criminals responsible for this kidnapping in an effort to apprehend them.   

This is the amazing story and recounted as it happened and the eventual outcome of the court case. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction, and this is one good example. This factual account will keep you engrossed by the twists and turns for the five days of captivity that seemed to last a lifetime.

About the Author: Dave Rohee

Dave Rohee – born in Aruba NWI. Grew up in British Guiana (Guyana). Attended Queens College, Worked for British Guiana Airways as a aircraft mechanic before achieving his pilot’s license in 1964. Experienced bush pilot for many years before joining Guyana Airways in 1968. Migrated to Canada with his family to escape the political turmoil in his adopted country. Dave enjoyed over 35 years of aviation experience in six different countries. His expertise covered a broad area, including flight operations, flight instruction, technical consulting, sales of corporate aircraft.


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  • Trevor  On March 12, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Chiney man run most of Lethem and they want us to build road for them to offload their goods from the Atlantic to Lethem.

    And our governments will be stupid to build that road for Chiney man, but in China it’s illegal for a “foreigner” to own property, even if they marry a local Chinese woman.

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