A meeting between President David Granger and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) ended today with no decisions being made as the commission’s two factions held onto their previously stated positions.

The three government-nominated Commissioners maintain that House-to-House registration must be conducted to “sanitise” the list of Electors before an election while the Opposition-nominated commissioners are calling for elections to be held before the expiration of the current list on April 30.

The President meanwhile is asking GECOM to present him the “shortest possible time” within which credible elections can be held.
The government-nominated commissioners speaking to reporters today. From left are Desmond Trotman, Vincent Alexander and Charles Corbin

“The song about House-to-House registration is continually being sung. In my opinion my being here for two-plus hours didn’t yield anything different from a GECOM meeting,” Opposition Commissioner Bibi Shadick told reporters following the meeting at the Ministry of the Presidency.

Government-nominated commissioner Vincent Alexander however maintained that the argument for a sanitised list was once presented by the opposition and noted that President Granger has called on GECOM as a body to advise on the best date for elections.

The PPP-appointed commissioners: From left are Sase Gunraj, Robeson Benn and Bibi Shadick

“The decision has to be made at the level of the commission if it requires a vote so be it,” Alexander stressed.