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Anti-slavery campaigns in Britain and their impact on the formation of the United States

Journal of People

by Abayomi Azikiwe

Pambazuka News | February 24, 2019

 Zong massacre of 1781 by the British slave traders

The leaders of the 18th century separatist movement from England were not motivated by a genuine desire for freedom and equality.

If the so-called American Revolution of 1776 was truly committed to breaking with monarchical and autocratic rule from the United Kingdom then why did slavery grow at a rapid rate after the achievement of independence of the former 13 colonies in North America?

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Guyana Gold Board wants to buy “all gold” directly from miners

The state-owned Guyana Gold Board (GGB) is further decentralising its operations by deploying roving representatives in mining communities, General Manager Eondrene Thompson announced Monday.

The GGB’s main office is located in Georgetown and a satellite office in Bartica, in addition to agents who are licensed dealers. But Thompson said her entity wants to buy all of the precious yellow metal being produced here.      Continue reading

Guyana: SARA files civil suits against Jagdeo, six others over ‘Pradoville 2’ land

Stabroek News – 26 February 2019

The State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) has filed civil proceedings against former President Bharrat Jagdeo and six other persons who purchased land at ‘Pradoville 2’ below market prices, Director Clive Thomas disclosed on February 25, 2019 before adding that more cases to recover “stolen” state assets will be filed before the year ends.

Thomas revealed that a total of eight cases were filed last Friday to go after persons who are in possession of state assets.        Continue reading

Guyana: Green transformation versus narrow thinking – Editorial – Stabroek News

Green transformation versus narrow thinking

On its website’s homepage, the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) proudly displays what it terms a ‘new GuySuCo’. It says that it is “transforming our business” and “exploring our potential: rice cultivation and other crops to ensure the sustainability and viability of our business”. Arrows point from this statement to labelled photographs of cane sugar, fruit crops, aquaculture, dairy farming and seed paddy.

And sadly, that is as far as the transformation extends, although there is a notification lower on the page where GuySuCo explains why it is not pursuing ethanol production as an alternative to sugar production. The explanation, with references to studies, prices and comparisons with other countries producing ethanol makes perfect sense. What doesn’t is why GuySuCo’s research is limited to cane agriculture.        Continue reading

Former UK marine boats 3,000 miles from Sierra Leone to Guyana

— as part of Commonwealth Row challenge

Richard Allen

Former UK Marine, Richard Allen, yesterday completed a solo 3000-mile journey from Sierra Leone in West Africa to Guyana in a small boat.

Allen docked his boat, named “Tamu’kke”, which in the Patamona language means, ‘Together’ or ‘United’, at the Harbour Master’s Boathouse in Georgetown just after 6pm. When he made his way on to the dock, his documents were checked by Immigration officers.

The journey took just about three months. According to the Guyana Foundation, the challenge, which was coined ‘The Commonwealth Row’, was to row the Atlantic Ocean without leaving the Commonwealth.    Continue reading

UG – University of Guyana Alumni – Toronto – Meet & Greet – March 3, 2019

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