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Winners from the 91st Academy Awards 2019: the full list

Oscar winners 2019: the full list – The Guardian UK

All the winners from the 91st Academy Awards updated as it happens

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For example: Best picture

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Guyana’s Waterways – By Dave Martins

Guyana’s Waterways – By Dave Martins

Dave Martins

Stabroek News – Sunday 27 Jan 2019

Growing up in Guyana, or coming here to live, our waterways are part of your life. For me, growing up in West Demerara at Hague, in a house by the seaside, it was the rowdy Atlantic, a hundred yards away, and the long straight canal running from the village road, straight as an arrow, about a mile, past the train line, all the way to Hague Backdam where farmers planted rice and kept cattle.

Later, as we moved to live at Vreed-en-Hoop, travelling daily to school in town, it was the Demerara River, with the government ferry boats – Querriman; Lady Northcote; and the small, appropriately named, Hassar – where we would watch the few small cars on deck, with wooden chocks holding them in place. Surely they would be pitched into the sea when the Hassar rolled – and roll it did, but the chocks held.      Continue reading



Broadcasting House, Georgetown, British Guiana 1964

Caribbean radio has a long, illustrious history. In the days before television, videos and the like, radio was the people’s main source of news and entertainment. Guyana had its first radio station, ZFY on the air as early as 1935, even before the CBC in Canada in 1936, and not long after the BBC in England, 1922.

ZFY was accompanied by stations VB3BG and VP3MR, followed by Radio Demerara in the 1940s and BGBS in the 1950s. Incidentally, ZFY, which was located by the Main Post Office in Georgetown, burned to the ground in the great fire of February 1945, the week when I was born.  Continue reading

Pope Francis compares abuse of children to human sacrifice -The Guardian. UK

Pontiff tells Vatican conference no effort will be spared to bring abusers within clergy to justice

Pope Francis celebrates mass at the Vatican on Sunday to conclude his extraordinary summit of Catholic leaders summoned to Rome.
 Pope Francis celebrates mass at the Vatican on Sunday to conclude his extraordinary summit of Catholic leaders summoned to Rome. Photograph: Giuseppe Lami/AP

Pope Francis, ending a landmark Vatican conference on sexual abuse by the clergy, called on Sunday for an “all-out battle” against a crime he called abominable and compared to human sacrifice.

Francis vowed that the Roman Catholic church would “spare no effort” to bring abusers to justice and would not cover up or underestimate abuse.          Continue reading

CRICKET: Guyana’s Soaring Star – Shimron Hetmyer – By Albert Baldeo


Hetmyer’s century in the 2nd One Day against England was his fourth in just 22 ODIs.

Shimron Hetmyer

At his age (22), no other Caribbean batsman had even scored more than one. Sir Garfield Sobers, widely respected as the greatest cricketer who ever lived, said the youngster reminded him of himself. Sir Don Bradman had said the same of Sachin Tendulkar, who lived up to the comparison. Hetmyer must know that there can be no greater praise for a cricketer, and with it, no greater challenge. He must rise even higher.

Indeed, I saw the similarities long before Sobers uttered these words which will be the biggest test for the young Guyanese who hails from Cumberland, Berbice. I thought it was a video of Sobers batting when I first saw Hetmyer batting on TV.    Continue reading

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