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Music: HOW SONGS ARRIVE – by Dave Martins + 4 Videos

Dave Martins

HOW SONGS ARRIVE – by Dave Martins- Credits Stabroek News,

Over my 50-plus years in the business of popular music, I cannot count the times I have heard the question, “How do you come up with these songs? What’s the secret?” I heard it again, this week and, as before, the answer is that there is no formula involved, at least in my case, that I can pass on. I have mentioned some of the triggers in previous columns, but the short answer, overall, is that the source of songs is literally everything and anything.

Experiences you have, a lovely phrase you read or hear some place, an incident in the news, a love affair, a goodbye, the passing of someone, a joke (yes a joke; Ken Corsbie told me a joke after a show in Barbados in a gaff and that led to me writing “Cricket in the Jungle” see Video below); or some perception that gradually comes to you out of the blue, or bang, like a gunshot.     Continue reading

US-China Trade War Update: A Trickle of Soybean and Oil Exports – By Ken Roberts | Forbes

Ken Roberts | Forbes

UD- China Trade

Days before President Trump is expected to back off from his threat to bump up the tariff on some $200 billion in Chinese imports, it is apparent in just-released trade data that China is still trying to punish key industries President Xi Jinping believes will hamper Trump’s re-election efforts.

It is also pretty clear the strategy is NOT working.

This trade war is important stuff, here, that risks plunging the United States economy into recession or tossing China into an accelerated slowdown in growth. Neither is particularly appetizing.    

The United States and China are the world’s two largest economies. The world’s economy has long been dependent on the performance of the United States for signals as to the ease of treacherousness of the path forward. It is increasingly mindful of the ups and downs of China’s.          Continue reading

BREXIT: In 2016 we voted to leave. Two years later it turns out we lost – Steven Edginton

In 2016 a majority of the country voted to leave. Two years down the line it turns out we lost.

Video: By Steven Edginton

Cricket: Deryck Murray: Worrell Gave Blueprint to Beat England – Sherdon Pierre | Newsday

Deryck Murray: Worrell Gave Blueprint to Beat England

Sherdon Pierre | Newsday – Trinidad

“If you wanted to be considered equal to the English cricket team, you had to be twice as good – not only on the field but twice as good off the field.”

Deryck Murray yesterday recalled the words of cricket legend and West Indies’ first black captain Sir Frank Worrell when they first met. Murray was speaking at History Fest 2019 held at the Alma Jordan Library, University of West Indies, St. Augustine.

The topic of discussion was experiences of cricket, colonialism and nationalism.         Continue reading

Guyana Politics: No elections until April 2020 – Opinion

Opinion: No elections until April 2020

 Feb 20, 2019 – Kaieteur News,- Peeping Tom

No one, least of all the PPPC, should be surprised by the decisions of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), firstly that elections cannot be held within 90 days and secondly in favour of house-to-house registration.

In a politically polarized society, these decisions were always on the cards. And most of the Commissioners had previously telegraphed their positions where they stood.

It is no use trying to argue to the contrary to the unconverted. By now it should be that when it comes to political issues, reason is apt to become a victim of political interests, and no amount of rational arguments will convince those whose minds are already foreclosed to alternatives.     Continue reading

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