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The Catholic church is still making excuses for paedophilia – The Guardian UK

Cardinals around the world are joining the pope at a forum on tackling abuse. But only radical reform can solve the crisis

Bishops and cardinals attend a Mass celebrated by Pope Francis for the opening of a synod, a meeting of bishops, in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican
 The Catholic church needs Pope Francis to come out fighting on the issue of abuse. But the signs are not good. Photograph: Alessandra Tarantino/AP

When the first meeting in the Vatican of cardinals from around the world to discuss clerical sexual abuse was announced, hopes were high among Catholics. Finally, it seemed, the courageous, mould-breaking Pope Francis was going to force through root-and-branch reforms to tackle the scandal that has done such damage to the reputation of the institution he leads.         Continue reading

The Millennial Perspective…On Colourism and Beauty – By Kemol King

Kemol King

Guyana: Tenders out for Lethem Airport to be Upgraded

Tender out for Lethem Airport

Lethem Airport

Guyana Politics: Screaming loudly and grabbing attention while ignoring history – Adam Harris

Just Friday, I got a call from a woman who was so disgruntled that she found fault with just about everything that the government has done or has not done. The roads in the new Diamond Housing Scheme are deplorable. The condition is being blamed on the government.

But that is small potatoes to the reason she called. The conversation began with a criticism of Kaieteur News for not publishing something that “is all over the media.” This “something” is that the sons of two government Ministers were arrested for shooting Brian O’Toole.     Continue reading

Guyana Politics: The sub-text we are witnessing is our Ethnic Dynamics – Dr. David Hinds 

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