Certain aspects of Caribbean life can produce various rages in our people, with the ingredients to cause such maladies in the population as high blood pressure, copious perspiration, bulging veins in the neck, and stomach pains.

While these symptoms can result from too much achar in the curry, they can also result from blackouts, election uproar, rush hour traffic, seafood left too long before cooking, or customer lines in the bank. This week we are again being reminded of the span of the symptoms as they take place among the fans of cricket – a sport which plays such a pivotal part in our life – following press reports of the current West Indies captain, Jason Holder, being fined and suspended after a Test match between England and the West Indies in Antigua, won by the West Indies, on the third day of a match intended to last for five days. The uproar has been, to quote the Trinidad vernacular, “hot like a pepper seed” and it is continuing to boil.     Continue reading