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The Coalition is getting its way: Abuse of Judicial Review or Shrewd Politics? – By Dr. David Hinds

Guyana Politics: GECOM CEO not given go-ahead to prepare for elections; PPP disagree

Keith Lowenfield

Guyana Politics: Many Candidates… Little Choice – By Verian Mentis-Barker

Two is a coincidence but three is a trend, says statisticians and now the three Political Parties that have taken advantage of the No Confidence Motion is a trend,  that may be even more alarming than the Charrandass vote itself.

By normalizing the consequences of MisGovernment all through its Post-Independence, politics in Guyana has become the producer of the nation’s leading product – moral hazard.

And if there is any hope that the upcoming snap elections will usher in some divine rectification, one need only look at the members of the Parties throwing their hats into the arena, to get the picture.


UG bomb threat suspect charged – Court appearance on February 11, 2019

 – Guyana Chronicle – 

Sheliza Jafferally (24)

— to make court appearance today

THE University of Guyana (UG) student, Sheliza Jafferally, arrested in relation to alleged bomb threats made at the university last week is expected to appear in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court today,(February 11, 2019) to answer to the charge of misuse of a telecommunication device.

The charge comes under the Telecommunications Act of Guyana and states, that a person found guilty for false or dangerous telecommunications can be liable on summary conviction to up to $2M in fines and six months imprisonment.         Continue reading

Geo-Political Realignments Over Venezuela – Video

Geo-Political Realignments Over Venezuela – Video

The Real News Network  Published on Feb 8, 2019

On the heels of the hard-line anti-Maduro Lima Group meeting in Ottawa, countries favoring a negotiated solution, including Uruguay, Mexico, and Bolivia, met in Montevideo on Thursday  February 7, 2019. The final declaration, however, compromises Venezuela’s sovereignty, according to Bolivia. We discuss the outcome with Miguel Tinker Salas and Greg Wilpert.

Guyana: Exchange rate for US dollar climbs… due to various causes

US Dollar Exchange Rate Rises

Something is happening to the US dollar on the local market.
In recent weeks, the exchange rates have been climbing.
At the banks, the buying rate for notes was between $207- $208 for US$1, the selling rate was $210 and $211. On the streets, the rates were much higher.

There are reports that it is sold much higher on the streets because of a shortage in US Dollar cash.

Last Friday (February 8, 2019), Governor of Bank of Guyana, Dr. Gobind Ganga, acknowledged that there is a shortage of US currency.      Continue reading

Opinion: Brexit Has Made Britain Anti-German Again – Tanja Bueltmann | Haaretz

Anti-German dog-whistling has plagued the pro-Brexit camp since pre-referendum billboards enjoined Brits to ‘Halt Ze German Advance’. As the Brexit chaos intensifies, that populist jingoism is becoming increasingly shrill

Tanja Bueltmann | Haaretz

When Germany was kicked out of the FIFA World Cup last year many UK commentators gloated, happily reaching for the German word “Schadenfreude” to describe their feelings. So far, so predictable.          

Even after Germany’s exit, parts of the media still made frequent reference to the German team, and to their status as losers. This was incomprehensible to me. There was an exciting England team progressing through the competition; there was an inspiring coach; players were doing well. Why divert and detract from that positive story, giving space to outdated anti-German stereotypes instead?       

This little episode of football history lays bare something of much wider relevance: The problem of English identity.         Continue reading

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